Power Machines manufactured for the second hydro power plant Punta Negra in Argentina

All components and parts of the generator are packed and prepared for shipment. Input power plant "Punta Negra" expected to be commissioned in late 2015.

The contract for the supply of hydraulic equipment for HPP "Punta Negra" was signed between "Power Machines" and the general contractor for the construction of hydropower plants "turnkey" — Argentine consortium UTE (company Techint and Panedile) — in 2011. Under the terms of the contract "Power Machines" manufacture and deliver two power companies Argentine turbine 32 MW each, pre-turbine valves and automatic control systems, as well as two complete generator with excitation systems.
In February of this year, "Power Machines" produced the first hydroelectric generator. Currently, the company's production sites are working on the production of hydraulic turbine equipment.

Participation in the construction of hydroelectric Argentine — the continuation of the success of "Power Machines" in the Latin American energy market. In 2010, were put into operation two new hydropower plant with production equipment "Power Machines" — "Los Caracoles" in Argentina and "La Higuera" in Chile. For the Argentine station "Power Machines" designed and manufactured two hydroelectric capacity 60.78 MW each complete with hydro and accessories. For hydropower in Chile Russian power engineering company produced and delivered two hydro-power 77.5 MW each complete with excitation systems. In 2012, were completed on the hydraulic capacity of 375 MW power plant at "La Yesca" in Mexico, for which the "Power Machines" set up two hydro-generator, as well as accessories and completed the design and installation of electromechanical equipment machine room on the "turn-key . " Earlier, in 2008 and 2009, "Power Machines" produced and delivered to the hydroelectric power plant "Sant Joan" in Brazil two hydro-power to 41 MW each.

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