Power Machines remodel Volga HPP

OJSC "Power Machines" produced the first of 22 hydroelectric generators in synchronous vertical umbrella by the maximum capacity of 144.5 MW for the Volga hydroelectric power station. It is designed for hydraulic unit number 21.

The contract for the replacement of the "turn-key" hydro turbines 10 and 22 on the Volga hydro-power plant was signed with JSC "RusHydro" in 2012. In accordance with the terms of the contract "Power Machines" will provide the design, manufacture, testing and supply of hydropower station on 10 turbines maximum capacity of 145 MW and a maximum output of 22 generators of 144.5 MW. Contractual obligations in "Power Machines" is a full range of activities, including in addition to dismantling of the old manufacturing and installation of new equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up. Deliveries of equipment — in 2013, the end — in 2021 m.
The multi-year program of technical re-equipment and reconstruction of equipment and Volga hydro power plant is implemented in 2005. It is aimed at the complete replacement of worn-out equipment with modern meeting the latest developments in science and technology. "Power Machines" has replaced 11 of the 22 turbines of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

Now "Power Machines" performed signed in 2010 with JSC "RusHydro" contract, under which the third quarter of 2013 will be upgraded further four turbines Volga Hydroelectric Station maximum output of 145 MW. Currently, three of the four turbines introduced into commercial operation. In addition, power engineering concern supply by 2017 22 sets of systems of hydro-power plant for the Volga, a contract was signed in the current year.

Modernization of hydraulic equipment will significantly improve the reliability and performance, as well as to increase the installed capacity of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

Volga HPP JSC "RusHydro" — the largest hydraulic power station of the Volga-Kama cascade and Europe. It has an installed capacity of 2.59 GW (2,592.5 MW). Annual electricity generation — 11.1 billion kWh Volga HPP is designed to cover the peak of the load curve in the UES of Russia. If necessary, hydroelectric power can in a matter of minutes to substantially increase electricity generation, providing system reliability EEC countries.

Volga hydroelectric power plant generating capacity consists of 23 hydroelectric production of "Power Machines" different capacity: 15 hydroelectric units have a capacity of 115 MW, four — 120 MW, three — and a 125.5 MW — 11 MW.

Construction of waterworks started in 1950. The first unit was commissioned in December 22, 1958. September 10, 1961 a government commission adopted the Volga hydropower plant in commercial operation.

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