Power Systems established industrial UPS Eaton 9355 to Azov confectionery

"Power Systems" established industrial uninterruptible power supply capacity of 40 kVA Eaton Backup produced by "Azov confectionery."

"Azov confectionery" — Russia's largest producer of oriental sweets. Current production requires a continuous supply of electricity to meet all the standards and norms of storage. To reserve a production line "ACE" was set Industrial UPS Eaton 9355 with optional battery box. 

UPS 36 provides an active output kW and produces the minimum input current distortion (THD <5%). Eaton 9355 can back up sensitive electronics with high-power source has all the required safety certificates and meet the requirements of GOST for placement on the food industry.

Uninterruptible power supply operates in a double conversion (on-line), which excludes even a short shutdown of the equipment. Mounted UPS protects equipment from virtually any network problems: spikes, unstable sinusoidal electromagnetic interference (interference), and complete loss of power.

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