Previously, people praised Lukashenko abroad, and how to understand, sympathize with us …


Mr."I do not even know what he wants to do, but it would be better that he lost the election and left because he was not a king, enough already control us. And let them live in peace with everyone, as a civilized European man. "

Mr."Do not know, do not know what the meaning of it to do something? Russia pushes it, and they are wrong. And he did not have to do anything important thing is not to get in front of them on their knees. This is my opinion. "

Mr."The question seriously. I think that the heads of state should reconcile themselves to each other. We all are brothers, at least some, but the brothers. Output is always the main thing — the right approach. "

Mr."In truth, we are pushing Russia, and the" father "does not want to dance to their tune. This is my opinion. "

Mrs."I have no idea on what these policies, but I think that people, if they take, you yourself appease the conflict."

Mr."He must fulfill all the conditions of the Russian leadership, but it is, I think, it will be difficult for him."

Mrs."For this we need to be a diplomat, but this … Let them examine. "

Mr."You have to be smarter than him, and he deals with this nonsense, with all the swears. You can not act like that. I live here and work abroad. Earlier, people praised him there, saying that we have a good president, but as understood, it is now only sympathize … . "

Mr."It seems to me that he needed more to get tough with Russia, as they constantly put pressure on us, and they need to answer. And he needs a connection with them and pay to go to the European Union. "

His wife"Yes, you need to go to Europe."

Mr."I can not say with certainty whether there is any conflict. Or maybe it's just a show, a theater for the people, the taxpayers, to show that that's working out the way your money. The level of these politicians was like 10 years ago, and remained so, and mind you, run the same people. "


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