Printed photos opposition — and not berate

Newspaper Mogilev City Executive Committee "Journal of Mogilev" in the material's launch of the collection of signatures in support of the potential candidates for the presidency, with the illustration of the photo it used of initiative groups of opposition nominees.

In the picture, which is located on the second page of the publication, the signatures are collected for Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov. This is evidenced by attributes and information booths of the opposition.

The official publication of the material begins with the words, that is not easy to convince people to subscribe. Next is a link to a correspondent who supposedly stood for twenty minutes outside of the picket, which is located at the main house of life, and for this time there just subscribed one person. Whose is this rally was not reported.

From the fifth of October at the site before the House of life gather signatures initiative groups of opposition nominees, and for fifty yards from them is a picket "White Russia". Observations show that the picket for Alexander Lukashenko people come up rarely, but in opposition to the people a lot. This is evidenced by the photos.

The newspaper published a photograph of the opposition on October 6.

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