Process begins in the liquidation of the company Polonica

Chairman of the tax office of Leninsky district of Hrodna appealed to the Commercial Court of the proposal file for bankruptcy by "Polonica", which operates under the unrecognized Union of Poles. On the results of the audit firm on the tax inspectorate imposed a fine of 40 thousand dollars. His firm has not paid.

A fine of 40 thousand dollars firm "Polonica" was named for the fact that the firm has received support from the "Polish Vspulnoty", an organization that liaises with the Poles on Worldwide, on the Polish language classes and teacher training.

The court found that the finances of "Vspulnoty" should be regarded as humanitarian aid, not as a business contract, for which you shall pay other taxes. The employees 'Polonica' strongly disagree with this decision.

An activist of the Union of Poles Andrzej Poczobut said that their company with the "Polish Vspulnotoy" business contract was signed, the money transferred to the account of them, take them with taxes and suddenly at one point declared it humanitarian aid. He says that the judgment can not be considered a legal and leads his arguments.

Pochobut: "How does the court recognized that humanitarian aid where taxes were taken, why not have a private of the court to punish those officials, the bank for the fact that he took the money in the form of taxes is not for humanitarian aid, but as for economic cooperation."

Angelica Orehvo, the head of the unrecognized Union of Poles, said that since the beginning of the year on Polish language courses were taught to 400. Mostly it's students from Grodno and Grodno region, the course fees was symbolic.

Orehvo: "280,000 for the entire course of science, this is the first 9 months, people were paying. Part underpaid" Vspulnota Polish "that they, too, thought of humanitarian aid. Well, obviously, that this case is totally political and has nothing to even talk about."

Andrzej Poczobut remembers held hearings and says that in the room did not allow even their lawyer. He believes that the deal also is a political character. More recently, the Belarusian authorities on He said, announced that they sent the case to the archive and suddenly it pops up again in court.

Pochobut: "Once one way hisnetstsa Belarusian authorities, the second time is in the opposite direction. How to explain it? It's such a strategy? Yeah they do not have any strategy, there are some tactics: once to do so, and the second time otherwise" .

In court, the company "Polonica" will present its founders: Angelika Borys, she is the director of the company, Angelica Orehvo, now head of the Union of Poles neparyznavanaga authorities and the accountant of the company.

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