Provocations against white-red-white flag in Brest continue

Daring adventures with a white-red-white flag with the initiative group to collect signatures for Vital Rymasheuski will continue. This warning is sounded young, who the day before trying to remove the flag.

Dmitry Shurhay, leader initiative group Vital Rymasheuski the Brest region, said, "Freedom" that young people today are again visited the collector of signatures and said they have filed a complaint with the prosecutor's office on the actions of the police, who detained them. At the same time issued a threat that from them will be a new action against the flag and a collector of signatures.

It is a provocation intelligence, lichytsZmitser Shurhay:

"During the incident, when a drunken young men set out to take down the flag, we noticed that from one machine recorded video. But despite the threat of provocation, we are ready to defend themselves and the flag. "



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