Pulkovo Observatory: the aliens look at us like we were idiots

March 20, 2012 22:58

Maybe aliens do not come in contact with the inhabitants of the earth, because they consider us underdeveloped and dangerous creatures, says senior researcher Pulkovo Observatory Sergei Smirnov.

"The aliens are looking at us as idiots, as undeveloped. Maybe they have fenced the original screen on the galaxy, and all of the hundreds of billions of stars warn of that civilization near the dwarf star we call the Sun is dangerous. There better not to approach, because the knowledge that you will give earthlings can be used to create them once the Super superotravy or for their own population "- suggested Smirnov.

 According to him, the astronomers have always pushed public opinion to the idea of the population of the cosmos. For example, in the last century in the Soviet Union dominated the idea of friendly extraterrestrial civilizations. But it is unlikely that the aliens may look the same as we are, "Interfax".
"Imagine that several generations of humans born on Mars. Our descendants will be different. Severity was 2.5 times less, so they will certainly be weaker, and the shoulder belt would be wider. In this situation, the solar system to hold championship in football will be very difficult — joked Smirnov. — How will the Martian on Earth? As Arshavin after his British training — hard to move over the earth ground. A Earthman on Mars beat over the bar. "

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