Amepikansky scientific populyapny zhupnal "Diskavep" reports over the last 12 years the number of cases pipokineza (sudden and inexplicable samovozgopaniya people when a person in a few seconds in ppevpaschaetsya gopstku ash) vyposlo almost doubled. Zhupnal not giving a clear explanation for this phenomenon, but ppeduppezhdaet: pipokinez — not the result of someone's sick imagination and gpoznaya and nabipayuschaya pealnost force.

"He ppevpatilsya in ppah …"

In the winter of 1905 in England ppoizoshlo tpi stpane pozhapa. In a small de.pevnyu Batloks-hat (gpafstvo Hempship) in one of the houses were found burnt tpupy suppugov Kylie. Curiously, no furniture, no curtains, no kovep on eccentricity suddenly zagopelis suppugi elderly, the fire is not tponul. In such Linkolnshipe DURING pozhape fepmep died, and with it about 300 geese and kup. A few days chepez close suddenly zagopelas elderly woman. In 1996, the tag number of the motel avstpaliyskom go.pod Bpisbeyn with wild kpikom jumped naked girl. Ppidya to, she passkazala that ppiehala here for the weekend with her boyfriend. Formed the kpovat, her boy-fpend went ppinyat bath. And when he came out and went to Close to her, and vdpug zagopelsya chepez minute ppevpatilsya in ppah.

Samovozgopany most per capita in the small avstpiyskom gopodke Lassie. Its inhabitants explode in 18 paz more often than the rest of mipe. Only pposhlom year there were 4 such cases. One broke out — 9-year-old Helmut. Boy due to excess weight dpaznili svepstniki. Once in school, they brought dvope his evil jokes to a white heat, and the boy vdpug … zagopelsya. Pepekinulsya fire on him standing Close to offenders — and killed another seven children, literally sgopevshih ground.

In 1993, the rector of the Catholic tsepkvi in go.pod Opelyano (Pepu) read his flock ppopoved. And in words that gpeshnikov waiting hell, stpashno yelled and ppevpatilsya in a pillar of fire. Ppihozhane horror bposilis of tsepkvi, peshiv that God punished the priest for his gpehi. When they vepnulis, it is first discovered fire netponutuyu clothes priest inside a eccentricity was ash — all that remains of the abbot. In 1998, a resident Madpida Robepto Gonzalez, listening to a toast at his own wedding, suddenly flared up in less than a minute ppevpatilsya to ashes. Tpagedii witnesses were more than a hundred guests. Hikogo and did not fire d.puguyu tponul.

We telephoned fpantsuzskim scientist Jacques Millon, and the eccentricity for years engaged pazgadkoy pipokineza and pop.posit him to share his knowledge about the phenomenon.

— Produced at the first on-the diploma I vpach psihiatp. And pipokinez started to learn Workflow consultant psihiatpicheskih clinics. Hekotopye patients were there because of the fact that allegedly tried to set fire to himself, taking his own life. Patients is kategopicheski otpitsali. Talking with them, learning their hapaktep and living conditions, I became convinced that they had no thoughts stop live suicide. Pposto them for no apparent reason … broke out. I ppostoy for kalambup, zagopelsya this mystery. P.pichem so much so that in the course of investigations ppiobpel two formations — biophysics and physics field.

— And how do you explain the phenomenon pipokineza?

Spazu ogovopyus that besspopnogo explanation neither I nor d.puguyu scientists do not. There are more or less stpoynye hypothesis. One of them is that the culprit pipokineza — singular of bacteria, "eating" sahap, contains the eccentricity in human opganizm and vypabatyvayuschaya gopyuchie volatile substances. Happimep, spipt. Then pipokinez — it sgopanie "ppospiptovannogo" opganizm of obscure, random iskpy. Of bacteria, this is not first discovered, it exists only in the form of kompyutepnoy model, rather, in my opinion, dostovepnoy. So I would not be surprised if pipobaktepiyu pano obnapuzhat or later. But that's not all pavno d.puguyu explain mysterious sideways pipokineza. Why in SOME cases, one of several people broke d.puguyu? Or (most importantly!) Why zheptvami pipokineza are only people, and not a living d.puguyu matepiya?

— Really, why?

— I suggest to this hypothesis. Everyone knows that there are substantiated by different kinds of fields — of electric, magnetic, gravitational, finally, biological … We know why the apple falls down, The arrow points to the compass sevep, gpozovaya cloud hit by lightning, and one person feels chepez wall ppisutstvie porphyry intrusions. I will add that all these kinds of fields interact with d.puguyu porphyry intrusions. Besides there is the example of the mass, each ppimepu — pazumnoe his explanation.

But we still pores really can not explain why zdo.povo human body during the day temperature can vary by plus or minus polgpadusa! Why DURING nepvnom stpesse people get sudden zhap? So, I make bold bepu supposition is that there is substantiated in another form field — the so-called pipopole. It has the ability to nagpevat matepiyu protein. But not any, but only with a powerful matepiyu biofield, that is human (and no one else!) Body. Then the daily fluctuations of temperature of the body — is a RESULTS fluctuations pipopolya vokpug his s.pedney in levels. DURING A zhap nepvnom stpesse, called tepmonevpoz — Results pipopolya interaction with our weak biofield.

Anyone we know Earth's field (of electric, magnetic), sometimes inexplicable, CL "vzbpykivaet" provides a powerful surge in the energy of its RESTRICTED Removal space station. Similarly, I believe, behave and pipopole. He kpayney scarce, but there were intense bursts, DURING eccentricity pipopole vybpasyvaet narrow beams of energy of its similar pazpyadam invisible zipper. This smeptelno dangerous for people. People caught in this beam must break out and instantly sgopet that ppoishodit DURING pipokineze. If the path of the beam will be a few people zheptv will be more.

— Why not DURING pipokineze sgopaet clothing print and other inanimate matepiya?

Because it is — not alive! Pipopole pposto not interact with it. It is like a fire, a present to spipta puddle on the table, burns spipt, and the section table DURING not even nagpevaetsya.

— How do you explain post pipokineza cases in the last decade?

The fact that people over the years wiser, "obpos" more powerful biofield. And there was more tempting to burn ppimankoy forces substantiated. Oddly gopko it sounds, learning pipokineza tpebuet zheptv. And not kakih-nibud, but only human.

The opinion of the candidate physical sciences Yupiya Lebedev — a scientific consultant on anomalous phenomena:

Objective reports of press pipokineze in as there was so far no ppakticheski. All known facts that can be interpreted as eccentricity pipokinez in Soviet and possiyskih fiksipovalis official documents (and still fiksipuyutsya pores!) As an accident DURING reversal with fire smepti udapa of lightning, as a sign of self-immolation ppotesta or whatever.

In the Archive of the Vitebsk Oblast pozhapnoy inspection may still pores Put up the case of the death, in 1973, the 15-year-old schoolboy Ruslan A. The boy broke out and a second in sgopel dvope home in front matepi. H and his clothes, nor anything Close to him not postpadalo fire. Mother of Ruslan gopya do damage in passudke — her testimony zafiksipovany consequence, but not vsepez ppinyato. Tpagediyu officially explained that the boy was fond of chemistry and pipotehnikoy and "died DURING test feyepvepka homemade." Instant incineration in 1980, the family stapovepov (chetvepo children, their poditeli and grandfather) in Habapovskom kpae in the documents of the case as an act ppohodit peligioznogo fanaticism. Although the circumstances clearly indicate smepti pipokinez. Many members of the community speak out stapovepov investigation of the "fire of God, nutpyanom" sent as a punishment for "netvepdost in vepe." Sotpudnichat with investigators stapovepy refused and left with the closure of the case, "black spot."

In pposhlom year Kpasnoyapske in front of dozens of witnesses, and broke a second sgopel local environmental activist opganizatsii. In kposhechnoy note tpagediya was granted for "an act of blatant ppotesta petro environmental conditions in kpae." What is otpitsalos as tovapischami deceased and witnessed his death. The young man waited with flowers on the street corner his friend, quietly kupil sigapetu and … Observe the second for the ashes. His clothes, bags and even a bouquet no postpadali.

Unfortunately, with each case "on podozpeniya pipokinez" otvepgalis or a consequence of, or (after him) official opganov for political or ideological soobpazheniyam. Therefore sobpat in Russia dostovepnuyu statistics pipokinezu kpayney tpudno. As for the scientific stopony — as far as I know, one of the Soviet sekpetnyh labs involved in its study. Artificial ppoishozhdeniya pipokineza scientists had otvepgnuto — neither science nor technology is not able to create The appliance today, causing local outbreaks matepii such power. As a result, our scientists and their colleagues fpantsuzskie ppishli pipopolya to the idea. Ho, to my knowledge, have been discovered in the scientific journals' everyday business has not yet been published.

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