Quarantine introduced in Zelenograd after finding rabid fox

Rabid fox was found in Zelenograd district of Moscow in late January, in Silino quarantine and adopted a set of measures to contain and eliminate the source of rabies, said on Friday portal Veterinary Committee of the capital.

In late December 2011, the Chief Medical Officer of Moscow Nikolai Filatov ordered to strengthen measures for preventing rabies in Moscow in connection with the unfavorable epizootic situation in the Moscow region. The committee veterinary rabies in 2006-2010 were found in 98 animals, including 24 in Moscow animals (dogs -15, cats — nine). In 2011, the territory of the city was brought to five patients with rabies cats.

According to the committee, January 27, in the CHT "Energetic", located in the city of Zelenograd (11 district, district Silino), dog bitten fox. Moscow sent specialists gosvetsluzhby corpse fox in Gorvetlaboratoriyu (GVL) and disinfected place of its discovery. In the study of the corpse was diagnosed — rabies.

"In order to combat the spread of infection in susceptible livestock on 27 and 28 January were arranged and the vaccination points in the CHT" Energetic "vaccinated 70 animals — 23 dogs, 29 cats, 17 horses and one goat. Within the Area Silino quarantined" — said in a statement.

According to experts, in connection with the established in Moscow, the cases of severe frosts penetration fox in residential districts Zelenograd. On 25 and 26 January reported cases applying fox bites dogs in 11 and 18 districts Zelenograd.

Currently being planned vaccination campaign to vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies vaccination points in the 11th district will run February 9, 5 and 28 March at the county dezstantsii with vaccination schedule items can be found on the website of the Moscow Committee of veterinary medicine.

Due to the danger that rabies is for people and animals, gosvetsluzhba Moscow urges all residents to abide prevention: avoid contact with wild animals — foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, stray dogs and cats, as well as other people's pets, walk their dogs on a leash and in finding a dog in a public place the animal should be kept on a leash and muzzled. It is also necessary to observe good personal hygiene and safety in the treatment of animals.

If bitten by a dog, cat, fox or other animal bite should be washed with warm water and soap and immediately apply for assistance to the clinic. If bitten by a pet fox or other animal, you also need to address immediately to the station to combat animal diseases administrative district of the place of registration. If the family dog or cat vaccinated against rabies, experts advise necessarily make him a vaccine in a veterinary clinic or vaccination point.


RIA Novosti

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