Quick stop the internal dialogue

May 31, 2012 21:38

Are not you tired of yourself, your inner dialogue is constantly swirling thoughts in my head? If not, that's fine, go ahead. But if there is a desire or need to quickly harmonize, recover and relax, I suggest a very simple way to quickly stop the internal dialogue of the ancient practice of the Toltec. But first, that makes stopping the internal dialogue, and it's only getting back in touch with your higher source and unimpeded flow of its energy, cleansing, harmonizing and restoring us from all superficial, came to us from the outside. It's like the reset of all of our systems, as in the computer that has failed.

Of course this is not the only benefit of stopping the internal dialogue, but first and foremost, then it can be practically used in entering into meditation or lucid dreams. So, what should you do to quickly stop your inner dialogue? And that's what you need to do: Look at everything around peripheral vision, trying to cover all visible at the same time and to the left and right, as far as possible, and let the eye gaze direction will be slightly above the gorizonta.Zaderzhites in many as you can and feel the extraordinary lightness, you if the air be filled with energy.

And the more and more you will practice this stop internal dialogue (anywhere, in transport, at home, on a walk, at night) so, in time, you will go so far as this is easier and easier, and the constant contact with their expensive source worth it. Good luck!

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