Recruitment offices are invited to write anonymous letters

Recruitment offices are invited to write anonymous letters

To combat deviators in Moscow decided to attract even military counterintelligence.

The problem of mass "slope" of military service in Russia long ago acquired a character of public calamity. According to the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov, currently being run by military commissars and any does not want to wear straps over 200 thousand Russian military age, which is comparable with the number of our Army. Most do not want to serve the Fatherland hiding in Moscow — more than 40 thousand young people. There is nothing unusual in the fact that more than any other metropolitan Commissar concerned about this discrepancy.

It's no secret: in order to avoid the soldier's webbing, many are ready for any tricks. Even the crooks have to buy fake documents in advance of the far-fetched diseases that do not allow move off to the barracks. The market of this kind of corruption services in the country has blossomed riotous color. Recently the beginning of the autumn draft, which starts on October 1, it became clear that military Commissioner Moscow wants the most scrupulously inspect these medical help. And in the case of exposure — interested in their ancestry. In this case, will be considered even anonymous posts about bribes, reports "Interfax".

According to the military commissar of Moscow Vladimir Regnatskogo, in the event of a disk imaging (including anonymous) about the illegal activities of the recruits and their parents, or when an ad in public places, the media or disk imaging to provide fraudulent web services and assistance in tax evasion service, this information will be transmitted to the prosecutor, the Chief Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow and the military counter-intelligence department of the FSB.

However, reports of severe Colonel Regnatskogo that anything like this before draft boards did not. Why? Uptake was not enough? Commissar not explained, and samples to get through to him met with bureaucratic obstacles arrayed against military superfluous inquisitive journalists. But Regnatsky made another weird statement: "In the near future citizens more intensively expressed their discontent illegal actions on the part of crooks and various organizations conducting propaganda work, bearing the inflammatory nature to serving in the Armed Forces." Who are these concerned citizens? Why are they silent before and that now put an end to their patience? To clarify the situation the correspondent of "free press" tried in the executive secretary of the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers of the Russian Federation Valentina Melnikova. Here is her world:

— The problem of the spread of rogue organizations offering help to purchase from them, exempting from military service, really is, and it is very big. If you begin to find the Web sites' "or", "you will see a link for another 5-6 different websites that promise to help in obtaining military identification card or medical help. Be aware — this crooks. All of these "shops" operate under the same scheme. Take the money and send people into fake medical facilities, where sit their "left" people. For example, in a good clinic runs a cleaning lady. And at the appointed time, she puts on her robe and pretends to be working doctor.

"SP": — In other words, the initiative loyal military. You suggested it earlier?

— We do not only offer we wanted. Talk about the need to combat fraud is already 10 years: from the time that this phenomenon is only the beginning to emerge.

"SP": — The problem really that large-scale?

— The situation is just terrible. Previously, the number of such fake documents were not, and at the moment is more than 2-years, there is a continuous stream of "Left" line: without the seals of doctors, without explanation, in general, not just. In Moscow, fraudsters often take for the document to 200 thousand rubles. Guarantees — no. If the deception is revealed, the guys go to the troops. People simply substitute. But when Regnatsky says about "various organizations conducting propaganda work, bearing the inflammatory nature to serving in the Armed Forces", I do not know who he has in mind. For example, since 1989, I am talking about the fact that conscription should be canceled. I, from the standpoint of military commissar, instigate to serving in the Armed Forces? There are people who are campaigning for an alternative civilian service. They incite against the service? There is none.

"SP": — How can you post commented that now even anonymous information about the illegal action on the part of recruits and their parents will be sent to the prosecutor?

— This is a general absurdity: what have the recruits and ancestors? I think that journalists simply figured erroneously interlocutor. But in this situation, there is still one fundamental and missed Colonel Regnatskim moment. Scammers who promise to help, get rid of the military service, they are also formed in the proportion of physicians with regional draft boards. Bandyugany often stroll to the recruitment office and talk to doctors working there. In this regard, it is good to shake Regnatskomu own subordinates, but that it fails to mention embarrassment.

Explain the legal nuance use of anonymous messages in policing the correspondent of "joint venture" has asked a prominent lawyer Igor Trunov:

— In principle, this is consistent with the law. Anonymous tested before, but they are not the basis for legal or other action. Yet, checking similar messages has been and remains the responsibility of law enforcement. If you send them message without a signature, it does not mean that it is thrown into the bucket and will not be considered. People are afraid of corruption component, and report on a very important fact. This applies particularly serious crimes: terrorism, organized crime, drug traffickers. Open the application in such cases is often fraught with consequences, and simply unsafe. Because even this form of transmission disk imaging can not be left without a prompt response.

Further testing may in fact be established whether there are grounds that beckon for a certain legal consequences. The form of anonymous letters from time to time gives deaf Stalinist repression, when based on them were put everyone need and do not need it, but then the anonymous letter was the basis for legal action, and here is the basis for verification. It was only later, when the facts are confirmed, they become the basis for a criminal investigation.

His outlook on the steps Commissariat Moscow expresses coordinator of public initiative "Citizens and army"Sergei Krivenko:

— The emergence of this initiative is due to several aspects. 1st: appeals polednie years go very hard. Mass violations of both the military offices, and from the doctors who work there. We secure the dynamics, and the situation does not get better.

Second: indeed there are many commercial and legal firms who use terror to the army and the parents simply "shear" means with recruits. But in the midst of companies offering their services to the recruits, not all scams. According to our law, at least some of a Russian citizen has the right to obtain legal advice and assistance of a lawyer. Those firms which ope
rate in the legal field, produced entirely legitimate activity. And those who give bribes to military enlistment offices, paying doctors prescribe fictitious reference — this is not the competence of the Commissariat, and the prosecutor's office. I think today's announcement of the capital commissar intended merely to scare young men: "Guys, all will continue to strictly." It should be remembered that at least some young man has a right to receive a diagnosis of any organization of health, private or state. And with that diagnosis come on the agenda. Case draft board to check the authenticity of these documents.

"SP": — How should we be aware of the statement that "even anonymous information about the illegal action on the part of recruits and their parents will be sent to the prosecutor?"

— Any municipal authorities in case of need, when they face a wrongful act, or by the initiate an administrative investigation, or transfer the materials to the prosecutor. It is their duty. During the vernal appeal to the prosecutor of the military offices across the country received about 10 thousand applications filed hundreds of criminal cases on draft evasion. Several 10-s cases reported to the actual timing of nakazaniya.Tak is nothing new in the statement commissar Regnatskogo I do not see.

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