Recruitment offices in hunt for recruits without regard to the law

Recruitment offices in hunt for recruits without regard to the law

December 14th early in the morning in the dormitory building of the Metropolitan State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky at the Little Georgian street people in police uniforms raided. Students raised out of bed, then about 50 young people were sent under guard to recruitment office.

In the worst traditions of today, those who have to ensure the legality of themselves doing iniquity — full-time students have a reprieve from the service.

In the enlistment of young people quickly checked the suitability of the military commission. From students who stated that they have a deferment or they are deemed worthless for health reasons, the Commission sought to present supporting documents, then, as the raised bed of the young men could not produce, was awarded the agenda.

Five students will be instructed in recruitment office in the coming days are for military service. About forty students were kept inside the military office — they were forced to sign issued for the coming days of the summons.

Afternoon in connection with the detention of students to the building of Tver recruiting office on Mantulinskaya 24 arrived Deputy director of the Metropolitan Conservatory of Larissa Slutskaya, but neither she nor the lawyer who came along with her to clarify the circumstances of the detention of students were not allowed to building military unit.

In dealing with the department head military office Slutskaya was stated that the students were sent to the agenda, but recruitment office they were not. "None of our students do not deliberately take time off from military service, but in order to get a decent education professor and contribute to society, they must have completed their studies in high school musical" — saw Slutskaya.

The fact that service in the army, which does not give the ability of permanent employment on the instrument disastrous for young performers, it is clear to all. A number of recognizable musicians, including pianists Evgeny Kissin, Alexei Sultanov, had similar difficulties, had to leave Russia, and often could not enter the home at the end of military age. It is shameful to the fact in the eyes of the cultural society, yet everything is repeated.

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