Recruitment offices take the last students

Recruitment offices take the last students

Ring out the army can now at least some student University enrolled in non-accredited degree. Now the Ministry of Defence has launched the call for even those students who had previously given the opportunity to finish my studies.

On the days of 16 undergraduate students of the Vladimir State University (VSU) received a call to the military to pass the draft board, then they will have to go to serve. The news came as a nasty surprise for them, because the guys were convinced that they have a deferment. They would have had a legitimate right to complete his studies, but in this case, if I came to a degree with state accreditation. But all of these 16 students were trained in specialties that were open at the university in 2006. Institute just have not had time to go through the function of their accreditation.

Recruitment offices take the last students

Accreditation — a formal proof of compliance with national standards of training. Rosobrnadzor can accredit that or other specialty University only after the first release on it — usually 5 years after its opening.

How to say "labor" in the Vladimir State University, most of the majors in the university has long been accredited, and only 15 training programs while only waiting for this procedure, which should be completed in the summer of 2011.

In the middle of new specialties Vladimir State University, for example, "software and administration of information systems", "metrology, standardization and certification", "development of chemical and biotechnology", "Optoinformatics and photo optics." According to him most of the students were enrolled, of which at the moment are going to bring in the army.

The right to call children enrolled in non-accredited specialties foreseen by the federal law "On Military Duty and Military Service". But till the time nedavneshnego draft boards usually went to meet the students and allow them to complete their education and relaxed Ming-defense did not use this opportunity to increment the number of recruits.

According to experts, the military reminded of them because of the sharply exacerbated this year's shortage of recruits. The last two years of the yearly call the troops of 550 thousand people, which is two times more than in years past. With all of this the Ministry of Defense official said that in the not to distant future the call number will increase even more.

"The appetites of the military exceed reasonable limits to Russia because of the sharply deteriorating demographic situation", — explained the "Trud" the head of the public center "Citizen. The right. Army "Sergei Krivenko. — To make plans to appeal, the Ministry of Defense just has to practically scrape the bottom of the barrel. "

Together, analysts say that the expense of students of non-accredited specialties military is unlikely to get any significant patch the gaps in acquisition of military units. "It may be a 2-3 tyschah young men all over the country," — said the expert of the Institute of Laboratory war economy Economy in Transition Vasily Zatsepin.

"Defense quickly shows determination to take all the recruits in a row, than really needs to call dropouts students," — Sergey Krivenko agree.

What to do if you received a summons to the university
1. To send a letter to the head of the draft board. It should be carefully describe the situation, and tell about the circumstances of their education. Often the Commission goes forward.
2. Submit a claim to the tribunal. Those who enrolled prior to repealing deferral for non-accredited specialties (2008 year) Have a chance to beat in court. Human rights activists say, in practice, the courts took the side of students.

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