Regular Belarusian companies under sanctions for cooperation with Iran

The United States imposed sanctions against a number of foreign companies cooperating with Iran and North Korea.

Deputy Secretary of State James Steynberg said that the purpose of sanctions — not to allow Iran to develop its nuclear program, which they fear in Washington, aimed at making nuclear weapons.

Entered sanctions 16 individuals and companies from Belarus, China, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela for the sale to Iran, North Korea and Syria technologies associated with the production of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missile systems.

"This list includes three Chinese companies, two Belarusian, five Iranian, North Korean one, two Syrian and one Venezuelan company. They punished for sale North Korea, Syria, Iran, or the acquisition of these countries goods, services or technologies that are governed by different regimes of export control, or may contribute to the creation of weapons of mass destruction or ballistic missile systems, "- said James Steynberg.

Firms and individuals that fall under these sanctions will be denied access to U.S. government contracts, assistance from the United States, they can not buy American weapons and patents on it for two years.

In the list — 2 of Belarusian enterprises, "Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association" (BelOMO) and "Beltechexport." "White" produces high-tech equipment that is used in particular in anti-missile defense systems, "Beltechexport" — a commercial structure, across which a significant part of Belarus' exports of arms.

In marte this year The U.S. has already introduced sanctions Belarusian state power company "Belorusneft" contract for the Belarusian enterprises with the Iranian company "NaftIran Intertrade". The Obama administration has imposed sanctions against the "Belorusneft" a $ 500 million investment in the Iranian company that is accused of involvement in Iran's nuclear program.

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