Rejoice, sailor!

Rejoice, sailor!
In the first days of the new 2011 there was a scandal in the U.S., the center of which turned out to Oldest Acquisition nuclear aircraft carrier "Enterprise" Navy of the country. It turned out that the command of the aircraft carrier has tried in every way to brighten up the same routine sailors immediately using a non-traditional ways. At the disposal of journalists were video tapes first assistant captain of the vessel Owen Honors takes a shower with women sailors, talks about same-sex love, also strongly indicates their subordinates that sexuality is on board the warship is not forbidden.

Accusatory article about the adventures of the brave explorer Honors and his team appeared in the newspaper The Virginian-Pilot, published in the port town of Norfolk. Specifically to the naval base in this town — the basis for the South American fleet in the Atlantic Ocean — is attributed to the aircraft carrier "Enterprise". The article claimed that Honors, being the first assistant to the commander of the ship (in other words, the second-ranking person on board), distributed among his subordinates videos indecent content.

The newspaper said the videos were recorded in 2006-2007, when aircraft carrier carrying on combat duty in the Persian Gulf, and broadcast on an internal video channel once a week. In the middle of sailors 6000th team "Enterprise" weekly "issues" Honors received the title of "XO Movie Night", which roughly translates as "The Evening Session First Lieutenant."

To repeat the content of the first movies assistant Honors — employment nepriznatelnoe. We restrict ourselves to the fact that almost every clear track down the sexy (and sometimes homosexual) connotations. With all the rollers, in the words of the creator, haunted good cause — namely, were called to the ironic way to remind mariners of those or other pressing dilemmas on board.

For example, the scene in the shower with 2 sailors first assistant wanted to convey to their own employees, that the water on the aircraft carrier to save. In general, it is necessary to recognize that the promise of movies with simulated masturbation or simulated intercourse (including the alleged ass) is not so obvious.

As a consequence, the "Evening sessions XO" perceived with the "Enterprise" versatile. Someone found the head of his own creativity funny and innocent, helping to defuse the tense situation on the warship.

But there were also those who are "mentoring" clips Honors seem politically incorrect or even offensive. Anonymous mariners, first lady sex, later stated in interviews with reporters that not once complained about the Honors in different instances. Their complaints were ignored right up to 2007, when Honors retired from service in the "Enterprise" and headed the flagship of the 6th Fleet U.S. "Mount Whitney." In May 2010 Honors returned aboard the aircraft carrier has as its captain.

At the same time, many insist that the actions of Honors was nothing criminal. According to the newspaper The Washington Post, the South American sailors are not shy to vary with the most refined techniques, many of which have already become a tradition. Namely, vserasprostranen extensively with American sailors rite of initiation into the "wolves of the sea" — the so-called "Shellback", in Russian maritime tradition partially compliant "prazdnichkom Neptune."

In a day when the South American seafarer for the first time crosses the equator, it needs to undergo a series of tests. Many of these tests are taken on the South American Navy, humiliating for recruits. For example, a newcomer forced to lick berry jelly with a tummy full member of the team to all the other also dressed in lingerie. Another favorite method of leisure sailors, disk imaging on paper, are not clear, "beauty contests" in which men again melts into a woman's appearance.

But the public is outraged not so much the fact vserasprostranennyh aboard the "Enterprise" of entertainment, but the fact that their organization was engaged in a high-ranking officer, with the connivance of his superiors. Yet in their own music videos Honors argued that captain "Enterprise" Raymond Spicer, as well as the naval commanders on the ground, did not know about his hobby. Opponents of the Honors of his former team are skeptical of these claims, "releases" the first assistant to broadcast on-board television, access to which was on everyone, including Captain Spicer, which a post he held from 2005 to 2007 year.

It seems that it was, in the end the team of champions of morality "Enterprise" still managed to get through to the naval command, even with the help of journalists. January 4, 2011 the head of the U.S. Navy's Command in Norfolk, Admiral John Harvey announced the launch of an internal investigation of the events outlined in the article.
Rejoice, sailor!
Captain Owen Honors.

The crotch of the results of the investigation were made public immediately. Honors for showing lack of professionalism was dismissed as captain aircraft carrier. Instead he was appointed captain of the ship Myuborna Dee, last commander of the aircraft carrier class "Nimitz" "Dwight D. Eisenhower." January 14 Myuborn brought "Enterprise" on his last mission — a semi-annual patrols of the Atlantic Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

January 13 Navy named the name of the second person involved in the investigation. They became Rear Admiral Lawrence Rice, who held senior positions in the "Enterprise" at Owen Honors (in the second half of 2007, he even took command of the vessel). February 1 Rice, honored the officer was due to retire. Now, to address the Navy, measured age of rear admiral is dependent on the final investigation into the events on the "Enterprise" — until the end of the proceedings Rice is serving in the Navy. Officials involved in the investigation, given to understand that are under suspicion, and other high-ranking naval officers.

What sanctions are waiting for Owen Honors and his accomplices in the Navy until you specify. Meanwhile, former student of the officer and simply sympathizers are gathering signatures in support of it and fill up with various authorities requesting the closure of the investigation. In the newspaper interview, many sailors who served on the "Enterprise" under the command of Honors, was characterized it as a joyful and sympathetic officer who refuses to help in a difficult moment. As you can see, many of the Mariners sense of humor first assistant Honors hit the spot.

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