Report of one of the mysterious places on Earth — the top-secret Area 51

March 26, 2012 20:03

"51" — the name of the air base in Nevada. She is known as a field, where the Americans have the latest aircraft. But locals claim: a top-secret airfield — this is only a cover. And the claim that the eyes saw aliens.
On the highway — a promising sign: the next 150 miles, ie 241 km, petrol stations will not. The car continues to move deep into the desert is one of the routes of Nevada. Finally, the navigation system displays the name of the road "Highway aliens." This is not a joke. Official designation. Address the question, "What does all this mean?" In these desolate lands can only be the only local village residents Rachel.

 Coney West, the owner of the cafe "Little Alien", said: "I saw a couple of things, about what I'd just said, nooooo, it's not a plane!" "How can something in the sky move in a path, jump, roll over and shake like a swing! "- a local mayor, a retired military pilot says that aircraft known to man can not stay in the air, and over Rachel machines hang.
"Scanner showed us a strange bird, the commander told me to" give full speed, "we turned and flew at a speed of 740 kilometers per hour, which was faster than any small plane would fly at that time, we tried to catch the bird, but not able, because, apparently, it was not a bird, "- said Dyuveyn Davies.
Rachel is near the air base — "Area 51", which — and this is an open secret — being closed development in drones.
Zone is, but as it would not. For many decades, the U.S. government denied the existence of "Area 51", but even recently recognized its existence, it will classify what else documents on its activities. Above the "zone 51" banned all flights aviation stop and shoot at the camera here also prohibited. Obeschayut offender or a fine of $ 1,000, or a month in prison
The cafe "Little Alien" picture hanging physicist Bob Lazar — in 1989, his revelations about the most secret of the globe have stirred public. He argued that in "Area 51" where he allegedly worked, studied gravity engines flying saucers. He believed that silence is criminal.
At Lazard have successors. Also a former military man, and now a major restaurateur George Harris says the ringing of cymbals that Kevlar and devices to suppress radars have been received from the aliens in 1947, when foreign ships wrecked. "Because I'm no longer in the army — for them it's a secret, for me there, and if you ask them about me, they will tell you that I'm just crazy," — he said.
Insane at the time of these conversations usually feels journalist who casually informed that the famous video questioning the stranger in the "Area 51" does not hack. That in this "zone" today continue to hide six aliens. A mummified body of one of the deceased, Mr. Harris, though, I saw with my own eyes.
The only person who on the "Highway Aliens" never seen anything, was the driver of the delivery service. He was confident that the "Highway Aliens" all victims "play of the imagination." But, as a fan of science fiction, would be happy one day to know how much he was wrong.

Anna Nelson
Of information programs

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