Residents of Japanese town Ooi advocates restarting reactors AESZhiteli Japanese city Ooi advocates restarting reactors

More than half of the Japanese city Ooi, located in the vicinity of nuclear power plants, "Ooi", stands for the restart of its two reactors. Local communities and industrial center of Osaka, remote from the power plant 100 kilometers, oppose restarting the plant, according to a survey broadcaster NHK on Thursday.

The city Ooi 54% were in favor of restarting the third and fourth reactors "Ooi". At the same time, 60% of respondents from four more remote areas of the station are against restarting. In the major industrial and commercial center of Osaka — the most remote from the plant against restarting the protrusion 62% of respondents.

With 71% of respondents in Ooi admit that they felt concerned about the possibility of restarting the station and do not consider it safe. Among respondents from remote areas concerns about the safety of reactors have 84%.

This paradoxical relation of surveys related to the fact that the plant provides work for the population of nearby areas. In addition, the energy companies have to pay local governments original premium in the event of an accident, which is often used for current needs and social programs. The accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" showed that suffer from it are not only those who live and work at the station, but also the people far away from the plant areas unrelated to her at work and do not receive any money from the energy companies. This explains the fact that the most remote areas of the plant are the most fundamentally anti-plant performance.

The third and fourth reactors of NPP "Ooi" passed inspection and mandatory stress tests, the results of which have been recognized by the Japanese experts and IAEA. The government has also decided whether to restart the reactors. However, its implementation requires the consent of the local population and authorities. Currently, administration areas remote from the plant, and above all, the government of Osaka Prefecture, oppose, to ensure safety and appropriate compensation in the event of an accident have been provided to people living 100 kilometers from the station.

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