Riddles of the self

March 31, 2012 11:57

What the movie? The authors of the film "Mysteries of Our I" want to talk about us, ordinary people. About our capabilities, our perception of the world from the point of view of science and religion. About our desires, thoughts, about what prevents us to achieve goals and get what they want. Give us to understand that the only obstacle to achieving any goals are just ourselves.

The film Mysteries of the self is not just a story, it is a dialogue with each of us.

Authors of the film:
Scenario: Victor Fokeev Maxim Antonian
Director: Victor Fokeev

The film Mysteries of the self, to create in the wake of interest in the film "The Secret" and the book series "Transerfng Reality" by Vadim Zeland and other similar projects that inspired the authors to create the film "Mysteries of the self."

Initially, the filmmakers set out to make a movie not of mediocre, and decided to bring the most popular and competent people have been recognized around the world. Participants in the film are:
Amit Goswami — a famous scientist who participated in the film "The Secret 2"
Vadim Zeland — The author of the world best-seller "eBook URL"
Mr.Freeman — cartoon character, video clips raising a real buzz on the Internet
Ole Nydahl — Buddhist lama.
And many more …

By implementing the film, author Shel 5 years. First, the film was intended as a feature film, but later in mind the circumstances of the author decided to make a documentary film, with elements of feature films.

The authors hope — that it will be very beautiful and intelligent film for those who are looking for answers and wants to understand what is our true self.

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