Romanchuk: we considered the question of supporting repression in Belarus

Potential presidential candidates spent today in different ways: who collected signatures at polling pickets, who was in court, and who — abroad.

Presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk held a series of meetings with officials in Warsaw in the Polish parliament, the Senate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Commenting on the purpose of his trip abroad, Mr. Romanchuk said that 90% of the time necessary to work in their country. And the remaining 10% of the time to meet with friends abroad, with the same Polish media to mobilize resources in support of the democratic forces in Belarus.

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"Today, Poland is changing policy towards Belarus. And we would like to see these changes were for the benefit of the democratization of the country. Of course, you need to work with people in Belarus, so I stood for eight hours in pickets and gathered signatures and telling people about our program. But today, one day should be held in Poland to talk about the situation of politicians who then help us in Belarus democratization and Europeanization of the country. Therefore, I think this work is very important to have direct contact with the leadership of Poland. And if that happens to be directly supported, diplomatic, informational. One of the important issues before us today is support for victims of repression in Belarus, independent media and students of the program name Kalinowski. People who may be arrested during this campaign, will have the opportunity of education in Poland. "

October 15 Yaroslav Romanchuk travel to Stockholm, where he was invited by the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.


Nyaklyayeu the first half of the day spent in court, and the other — on the picket lines for the collection of signatures. The Court considered the suit Minsk City Executive Committee on the Elimination of establishment "Moving Forward", in which the company operates, "Tell the truth."

"In the summer we have won this court, putting tremendous efforts, unfortunately, this is no longer possible. We eliminated, and thereby have withdrawn from the legal field in illegitimacy. With all the consequences. But this is done a little late, as almost all the members of the "Tell the Truth" are the members of the initiative group Neklyaeva. That is, they have a special identity that can do what you do, and anything against them can not be. "

Andrei Sannikov

Andrei Sannikov andGregory Kastusyou today took part in the picket lines, which were carried out in the regions. Both say they do not see the problem is to collect the required one hundred thousand signatures. Mr. Sannikov was in Mogilev and Bobruisk.

"Good experience, because a lot of people who are actually discussing the situation, the problem. And those who subscribe to say that the country needs a change. It is necessary to change this power. It is necessary to enter the European direction of Belarus. And it gives good energy for the campaign of a candidate for president. "



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