Rotary-wing UAV control center — AH-64D Apache Block III

Combat and reconnaissance UAV has long been taken into service of the United States Armed Forces. Now their number in a combat mission in the sky can reach several 10-s. To ensure coordination and guidance to the destination on the battlefield or to collect disk imaging requires a single focal point. And such center made on the basis of the helicopter AH-64D Apache. This year has already held successful tests of special modifications helicopter AH-64D Apache Block III. It is expected that brand-new rotary-wing aircraft entered service in 2013. Refreshed helicopter will equip the engines over-capacity T700-GE-701D and the latest SU flight that will provide the highest maneuverability helicopter at tremendous speeds.

Rotary-wing UAV control center - AH-64D Apache Block III

Firm development — new electrical board SU-flight and interaction with other aircraft that take part in the battle. Computing hardware module will be able to not only without the aid of others to destroy enemy targets, and provides guidance to their drones. To increase the interaction between the helicopter and the UAV, AH-64D Apache Block III may be further provided with a communication system and radar UTA «Longbow». At the armed helicopters would be a 30 mm gun "Boeing M230", rockets «Hydra 79" missiles "air-to-surface» AGM-114 «Hellfire», missiles "air-to-air» AIM-9 «Sidewinder» and missiles AIM-92 «Stinger».

Rotary-wing UAV control center - AH-64D Apache Block III

For the modernization of the helicopter used the 26 new technologies, which were aimed at improving the features built helicopters:
— engine GE 701D, with a 5 percent increase capacity and advanced electronic digital control (DEC);
— refreshed drive systems;
— advanced box;
— overestimated by 20 percent unit capacity 3400 hp;
— refreshed composite blades, which allowed to gain tremendous speed and altitude, with increased payload;
— advanced hydraulic prop, softening the landing.

Rotary-wing UAV control center - AH-64D Apache Block III

Tests of composite blades successfully completed in 2004 and have allowed the devil to achieve improved rate of climb, cruise speed and payload. In general, the growth of such features will be particularly useful when using a helicopter in Iraq or Afghanistan, and a new avionics suite will allow to fly to SMU, where the model of early helicopter would not release the job. The established system of communication and radar provided better compatibility and working on small waves, provide a narrow beam signal with high noise immunity.

To control the UAV system UTA connection uses "Level IV MUM", to control the flight, duty and laser-guided drones. Such a level of control is fundamentally changing the strategy for the use and implementation of UAVs in theater. It allows you to connect several voedinyzhdy drones to carry out certain tasks, which greatly increases the efficiency of their use.

In the AH-64D Apache Block III use an open architecture electronics. Obtained from drones information is displayed on screen, which displays the total picture of the battle. On the basis of the acquired data with a massive bortovik performed the necessary calculations for the fire control system of the helicopter.

Rotary-wing UAV control center - AH-64D Apache Block III

Some electrical systems that implement in the AH-64D Apache Block III, still undergoing various tests. So pass the tests IHADSS helmet system and fire detection system GFAS. «Ground Fire Acquisition System» by infrared sensors and cameras that detect enemy firing points while shooting, organizes them and displays all the information about the detected enemy.

The upgraded radar AN/ARC-231 «Skyfire» will be the main system and the satellite system and the tactical SATCOM Network Link-16 will complement its abilities. Brand new tactical radio AMF JTRS until installed on the AH-64D Apache Block III, although it is expected in the upcoming, in refining technologies.

The main features:
— length of 17.73 meters;
— weight of the projectile / nesnaryazh — 10.4/5.1 tons;
— speed — 265 km / h;
— Range — 480 km.

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