Russia has gone through the worst year of abnormal disasters



The outgoing year 2012 was the most dangerous for Russia in the number of natural disasters. In memory of Russians will leave a negative impact of drought, frost and flooding serial Krymsk.

Director meteorologist Roman Vilfand noted that the outgoing year was a record for Russia on the anomalies in the history of meteorological observations.

Roman Vilfand, director of the Russian Meteorological Center: "Dangerous weather events was 20% more than the previous year and 10% more than in 2007, which has so far been the most difficult from this point of view."

According Vilfand, from the beginning of the year is something from nature is not set and the full year were as natural disasters on the thumb.

Roman Vilfand: "The year started strong frosts in February, which was 60 years old. In the Stavropol and Krasnodar regions the temperature dropped to minus 25 — 30 degrees below zero in the absence of snow. These were the first signs of a crop failure. And then came the summer drought, which was 65 years old. The soil has dried. All this has led to the fact that the crop was very small. "

However, the most devastating floods have become a phenomenon in the Crimean and in other localities in the Krasnodar region, which have become a serious lesson for safety during a disaster, "Interfax".

Roman Vilfand: "If we talk about the tragedy in Krymsk, from the point of view of all of Meteorology had predicted. Of course, these events are a lesson for us and for all the structures and services that deal with the safety of people in our country. These developments have given rise to the development of early warning systems for natural disasters. In turn, we are developing a system of warnings about the danger. "

Finally, abnormal frosts that struck in Russia before the arrival of winter calendar. In the fierce cold, the thermometer in some areas dropped to minus 50 degrees extreme.

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