Russian blacksmith Plants modernize production facilities

Blacksmith still needed. In St. Petersburg, a modernization of the production base, "Russian forging plants." It involves the gradual replacement of the existing equipment of the new generation of machines.

Price question — about 150 million rubles of investments, some of which have been spent on renovation and purchase of equipment. The bulk of the work will be done before the end of 2012.
Eugene Rags, acting Director of "Russian blacksmith Plants" (subsidiary of JSC "Kirov Plant"): 
"To date already set belt sawing machines that will improve the quality of cut, and, therefore, reduce the cost of the metal when it is cutting. Refurbished hammers. Shortly before the end of this year, will be installed shot blasting drum high power, high load" .
The main consumers are enterprises forging automobile industry, agricultural machinery, railway and oil and gas industries.

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