Russian Navy and Italy plan to hold a joint exercise in the Ionian Sea in November 2012

Navy Russia and Italy are planning to hold a joint exercise in the Ionian Sea in November 2012

The seamen's Black Sea Fleet RF and the Navy (Navy) Italy started to conduct bilateral agreement applets naval exercises "Ioneks 2012."

As indicated in the press service of the Southern Military neighborhood in the consultation process by fleets spotted implementation of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Italian Republic on the prevention of incidents at sea outside the territorial waters, and the theme of the future of bilateral naval exercises.

Teaching scheduled to be held in November this year in the Ionian Sea, calling at main naval base of the Navy Italy Taranto His task is to increase the level of operational compatibility between the forces of the Black Sea Fleet and the Navy Italy, training of commanders of ships and staffs in the planning and conduct of marine operations, increase the level of knowledge and awareness of the agreed practical procedures. The working language in the teaching of the language defined by the British.

It is planned that the Navy RF on the teaching will be presented to patrol ship "Sharp-witted" and sea rescue tug "Shakhtar" Black Sea Fleet.

The process of planning exercises "Ioneks-2012" predicts holding meetings, planning conferences RF and Italy, as well predpohodovoy conference in the port of Taranto.

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