Russian Navy has a new frigate, made by technology stealth

Russian Navy has a new frigate, made by technology "stealth"

At the shipyard them. AM Bitter in Zelenodol'sk (Tatarstan) launched a military ship "Dagestan", designed by 11661K. Ships of the project belong to the class of frigates and to experts are among the most advanced in the world. These ships widely used "stealth" technology, which makes flea frigates for enemy radar. One of the distinguishing features of these frigates, is the presence of different and powerful weaponry. Project 11661K ships designed to Zelenodol'sk, the local bureau. These frigates can solve a variety of tasks, among which are: search and destruction of underwater, surface and air targets, the embodiment of convoy operations, protection of territorial waters.

"Dagestan" is the second ship of the project. 1st — "Tatarstan" — was built and handed over to the Navy in 2003 At the moment this ship is the flagship of the Caspian Flotilla. Russian sailors are very happy with the new frigate. The ship is not only a harsh combat unit, but is very comfortable for the crew, with their words service on the ship — one pleasure. New frigate "Dagestan" also will join the Caspian Flotilla.

According to the press service of disk imaging factory Launched ship is technically virtually one hundred percent ready. "Dagestan" will soon begin to pass tests as the ship's systems and auxiliary equipment and systems that provide the vitality and viability frigate. Ship at the current time is in the ice-docking chamber industrial complex "Volga". This camera allows you to spice that does not depend on the weather and time of year test, conduct and completion of the mooring to do the tests.

Russian Navy has a new frigate, made by technology "stealth"

In addition, the April 5, 2011, at the UCA of the Air Force, which is g.Borisoglebsk, accomplished a festive ceremony in which it was put into operation five trainer aircraft Yak-130.

Given plane is a new generation of educational machines. The uniqueness of this aircraft is to complete the implementation of digital avionics. All on-board electronic systems Yak-130 — is the freshest development of Russian aviation industry. Aircraft equipped with an all-inclusive digital wire control. The device makes it possible to simulate the aircraft YAK-130 control features of almost all fighters who are armed with the air forces of.

A distinguishing feature of the aircraft from its predecessors is the ability frisky transformation of a training aircraft in a real attack. So makarom on Yak-130 can not only be trained to manage all Russian fighters, but you can also wage war.

Yak-130 was designed by OKB. AS Yakovlev, which comes in Aircraft Corporation "Irkut". He was elected as the primary training aircraft for basic and overpriced Russian Air Force pilot training.

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