Russian Navy is developing the infrastructure of all four fleets — Commander

Russian Navy is developing the infrastructure of all four fleets - Commander

Russian Navy is developing the infrastructure of all four fleets, told reporters on Friday, the commander in chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

"In Novorossiysk Geoporta is building new projects for ships and submarines. Implementation of programs from being long time, and I hope that by 2020, one hundred percent finish construction. Lot of work, the work is very difficult," — said Admiral V.Chirkov.

Commander of the Navy also said on activities to improve the infrastructure at other Russian fleets.

According to him, the Northern Fleet most attention is paid to the new submarine-based strategic focus of the class "Northwind" for whom "the whole complex is built."

In addition, for the new multipurpose nuclear submarines of class "Ash" custom built pier and moorings. "Everything is done so that the objects were provided with everything necessary, first energy" — highlighted the admiral.

The Pacific Fleet, informed V.Chirkov, is being developed by basing programs from helicopter of the "Mistral" and on the Kamchatka Peninsula — a new submarine.

The Commander in Chief also said that the Baltic Fleet, the Baltic is also upgrading sites for new corvettes and submarines.
In addition, noted V.Chirkov, we are actively working to ensure the deployment of aviation fleet. "It starts with the reconstruction of airports to ensure the planting of all types of aircraft, — said the chief, — Such works are held in Kaliningrad, in the north, and the Pacific Fleet."
V.Chirkov said that airports are built in such a way that they were close to the major towns, where you can arrange the family, provide them with jobs, kindergartens, schools, all the social unit.

The Commander in Chief highlighted that in the process of improving the infrastructure-based tribute to the attention paid to creating comfortable criterion for military personnel and their families. "People out there who are required to have the opportunity to leave the city to live in the equipped villages close to the locations of service" — said V.Chirkov.

In 2011, the Director of Special Construction Minister Alexander Naginsky said that the establishment of coastal infrastructure facilities for the Black Sea Fleet is planned to finish in 2014, enclosing breakwater — in 2017. "From next year, every year will be allocated 9 billion rubles for the construction of the replacement base for the Black Sea Fleet in Novorossiysk," — he said to journalists on Wednesday.

He said that in 2011 year for the construction of infrastructure facilities in Novorossiysk allocated 3 billion rubles has already been spent — 1.4 billion rubles.

G.Naginsky said that the construction of the base city to host the Black Sea Fleet in Novorossiysk is scheduled to begin in late 2012, at the moment it is the design.

According to him, by 2014, part of the Black Sea Fleet is already being transferred to Novorossiysk. "The program will be fully completed in 2017," — said Naginsky.

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