Ryazanzernoproduct is launching a unique high-quality grinding mill wheat

JSC "Ryazanzernoproduct" launched first new mill complex capacity of 600 tons per day of high-quality grain milling wheat. The second phase of launch complex is planned for the 4th quarter of 2012. Total capacity under construction of the complex will be 1400 tons of grain a day quality grinding wheat.

This complex is unique in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. Since the days of the Soviet Union was the first mill of the new generation. For its design and construction was to attract the best European specialists. A Swiss company equipment BUHLER AG is a guarantee of high quality of products.

The main features are the presence of mill machines in order to segregate grain in color, shape and performance, and also the ability to analyze the product in the stream, not only in terms of guests, but also for its baking properties such as protein content and water absorption capacity.

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