Rybinsk sprinkled holy water and Champagne

Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant once again confirmed the high level of competence in the performance of public contracts. The stocks of companies in the presence of a large number of distinguished guests and factory workers today went off diving vessel "Rybinsk" — the fourth in a series produced by the factory ship, named after the city of Yaroslavl region.

According resumed two years ago, the tradition of the ship before launching consecrated Bishop Benjamin Rybinsk, and then selected the godmother of the ship engineer enterprise Anna Denisova bits with the first blow broke a bottle of champagne on board. It is believed that it promises "new-born" a long life and a happy voyage.

On behalf of the Government of the Yaroslavl region factory workers congratulated the Director of the Department of Industrial Policy of Dmitry secretaries, expressing hope that the pile businesses will never empty. And the factory confirmed that the principle of continuity of orders — a key to its strategy. Today, the shop number 15 was laid cerebral vessel of a series of six situational ships that will be produced at the company until 2014.

Slightly paraphrasing the famous French expression, you can say: "The ship launched. Long live the ship! "

 Photo: Anna Solovyov WG

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