Safe resort

You want to spend your summer vacation so that memories of it were for the whole year. But sometimes those memories are all even unpleasant. That's because the resort was not chosen correctly. And how to choose the right?

Many people are choosing resorts, understand that it must be safe. Only the main criteria of safety for them is that there is no war. Therefore, buying hot deals, people often only specify the political situation in the country. This is plainly not true! Of course, it is very important that the sky above the resort was not only blue, but the peace, but it is not the only criterion for the security area. Before you leave you need to know and more.

For example, whether this is a resort for the health of all family members. Exhausting all the heat is not shown, so instead of the hot African countries better to choose softer European resorts. Moreover, in Africa and Asia is likely to pick up any infection from the local water, and drinking water is a problem.

The following criterion — local food. People with weak digestive system should be selected resorts, in which food is most similar to the familiar. But even if a trip to an exotic country, clarify — what cuisine is prevalent in hotels. Usually "buffet" includes the usual European food, no hot sauces.

It is also important to know and traditions of the country, the following criterion is safety. The style of behavior, Kojima has people at home are not always desirable when traveling abroad. In many eastern countries should strictly abide by the laws, to avoid trouble with the police. And it is very important that you keep track of your belongings, not to be a victim of theft and stay in a foreign country with no money. Security is a concern on the road. Learning airfare, insurance should clarify the size and reliability of the airline. Skimp on comfort during the flight can be, but not for security.

Another important aspect is the environmental safety. Before the trip to the sea should pay special attention to water pollution, search statistics of diseases in the region. Also, you should pay attention to the state of the atmosphere. Hardly anyone dares now to go to Japan. But there are other places to go is dangerous.

Safe rest — it is not only the choice of a peaceful country. The concept of safe rest should include aspects such as environmental and political security, health care, reliable tour operator. It is very important that the rest did not leave unpleasant memories.

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