Salute is overloaded Chinese orders

Sales of Russian jet aircraft engines AL-31 in China will exceed one thousand units thanks to several new orders this year.


China placed additional orders for the purchase of Russian series turbofan AL-31F (turbojet engine with afterburner). The Russian state-owned company "Rosoboronexport" earlier this year signed two major contracts with China.

The first of these is to supply more than 150 AL-31F engines to replace the previously sold turbofans, which are equipped with Chinese fighter Su-27/Su-30MKK / MK2. These engines will be collected at the Ufa plant UMPO.

The second contract for the supply of 120 engines AL-31FN (pictured) to the newly built J-10 fighters. These engines produced Moscow plant "Salute", have already been delivered.

Speaking at the Beijing International Aviation Expo air show in 2011 CEO "Salute" Vladislav Masalov noted that at present, negotiations are continuing on the supply of the second batch of engines AL-341FN in an amount of about 140 units. This contract, and the next is expected to be signed in October.

Masalov also reported that the total number of series engines AL-31 set "Salute" in China, close to 1,000 units. For the maintenance of engines the company has established partnerships with Chinese enterprises Limin Corp. and Tyan Li (Chengdu). Russia also agreed to provide all necessary services and the necessary documentation on their repair and maintenance.

Masalov also said that the "Salute" is faced with a "variety of issues" related to the increased production of these engines to carry large Chinese orders. This year, the company must increase their production by 30-40%. "Of course, we have the bottlenecks associated with the suppliers of the metal and the individual components," admitted Masalov.

Meanwhile, the "Salute" in talks to supply an additional 40 engines AL-31FM for the upgraded Su-27SM fighters to the Russian Air Force. Has awarded a contract to supply 12 turbofans. Currently, negotiations are underway to supply engines version of the AL-31FM2 for Sukhoi Su-34, said Masalov.

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