Sannikov, Bondarenko and others are taken to the detention center Zhodinsky

With Andrei Sannikov to "Volodarka" met his mother. Dmitry Bondarenko, he said, needed surgery. Statkevich asked to prepare all the necessary things for the prison. Dashkevich familiar with the protocol of the court.

May 24 Alla Sannikov had a son hour meeting in prison Valadarski Street, where the ex-candidate Andrei Sannikov held after the trial. Alla said, "Freedom":

"Spirit is not falling, he said that he is better, the camera is better, the problems of which have been in" an American, "no. Had to put in Zhodino, but so far have left here. Again, he is cheerful, with their faith is not easy. "

He's so cheerful, with their faith is not easy.

Andrei Sannikov was found guilty of organizing mass riots and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. May 24 it was reported that the judge Natalia Chatsvyartkova, who sentenced Sannikov, came to the list of banned in the EU.

A member of staff Sannikov Dmitry Bondarenko immediately needed surgery. So says the neurologist who examined Dmitry Bondarenko in prison. The prisoner's wife Olga had read about it in a letter to her husband:

"Consultation is made, surgery is needed. Now there is still worsening due to the fact that he caught a cold. "

According to experts, if Bondarenko did not make an emergency operation, the case could result in a disability for him. According to the data received Olga Bondarenko, her husband are going to translate into Zhodinsky detention center, as well as other prisoners on the events of December 19.

Former presidential candidate Statkevich, by his wife Marina Adamovich, is still in prison Valadarski Street — waiting for the day will appoint the verdict. Marina was trying to figure it out in court, but so far no information is provided. However, on May 24 said the lawyer Statkievich Tatyana Stankevich:

"No information is available. What do they say in court? Me — nothing. "

My attempt to find out in the Leninsky district court in Minsk, when will the judge Grachev's disease and will be assigned to the day the verdict was in vain — on the subject refused to talk to court staff.

I tried, but did not get the information from the court and former presidential candidate Dmitry Uss:

"I do not know, do not speak. Asked, said that they would call."

Dmitry Uss remains in the same status of the accused under house arrest.

The leader of the "Front Malodoga" Zmitser Dashkevich completed the familiarization with the protocol of the court and waiting for the same thing will Eduard Lobau, who was tried along with it and have already sent to serve his sentence in Ivatsevichy colony. Dashkevycha kept in prison in Volodarskogo. Day review of their appeal has not yet been appointed, reported Anastasia Palazhanka of the "Young Front".

Prisoner of the prison on Akrestin Nikolai Demidenko continues hunger strike, says human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina. By Anastasia Marinkina, Nicholas takes real transmission. "Thus, it seems to Akrestin" — says Anastasia Marinkina. Earlier there was information that Demidenko was in the hospital. Nikolai Demidenko, who was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest, will be released on May 29.



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