Satellite imagery reveals pockets of fire in the Amur region

Numerous fire areas are found in the Amur region using satellite imagery, said the engineering center "RDC".

"In the southern areas of the Far East and Trans-Baikal satellites capture numerous fires. Most difficult situation is marked in the Amur region. May 11 revealed more than 250 termotochek. Results 11 May at the Russian satellites detected 500 termotochek," — said in a statement.

At the same time, "RDC" notes that "the actual number is less than the number of fires termotochek, recorded by satellites."

"Since the pockets of fire on the area large enough, the satellite automatically records from two to ten closely packed termotochek that actually represent a single focus. However, spatial data allow us to estimate not only the scale of fires, but the geography of the fires," — said in a statement.

Termotochki recorded by sensors MODIS Terra and Aqua. Satellite monitoring of fire conditions holds "RDC".

For the analysis of the area burnt, assess damage by fire, using detailed images from SPOT 4/5.

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