Saturn — Gas Turbines — the main results of eight months

By the end of eight months of 2010 JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" came with quite good results. During this period, the company mainly engaged in the production and supply of stvom power equipment, and the construction of power generation and gas-pumping stations, has taken a big step forward.

For eight months the company sold products worth 1,925,395 rubles. This is a 132.4 percent compared to the same period in 2009
Commodity products produced in the amount of 2,262,248 thousand rubles, or 161.8 per cent compared to last year.
Labor productivity amounted to 941 thousand rubles / person. This is a 157.7 percent compared to the same period in 2009.
The average salary PPP eight months of 2010 amounted to 21,698 rubles. This is 127.2 percent of indices of the reporting period of 2009.
Expanded range of gas turbine power units for the construction of power generation and gas complexes. Created a prototype model of the gas compressor unit GPA-16 "Arlan" capacity of 16 MW, intended for renovation and new construction of compressor stations on gas pipelines. Currently, the unit is ready for shipment to the object of operation — the compressor station "Nizhnetouriskaya." The second unit GPA-Series 16 "Arlan" shipped OAO "Gazprom" on the compressor station "Lyalinsky." Is the development and production of prototype model unit GPA-Ts-25 NK-36ST 25 MW for OJSC "Gazprom".
Successfully handed over to the customer two gas-block unit GPA-6, 3, intended for reconstruction of compressor stations "Pomarskaya" and "Ishley Cover-Skye."
Following a factory bench tests in the "Saturn" by a joint commission consisting of representatives of the customer and the operating organization, accepted GTES-2.5 — the first of the three plants, intended for reconstruction of power auxiliary compressor station "Pelymsky." On these units as soon as possible a new system of automatic control of the development of innovative firms "Elna".
In order to further developed the federal and regional programs. "Saturn — Gazprom" provides for the manufacture and supply of power plants and gas-pumping systems for the reconstruction and development of the infrastructure of gas pipelines. Together with the Government of Yaroslavl Region has developed and implemented a program of energy efficiency in the region through the construction of stand-alone power plants based on gas turbines and gas engines. According to the memorandum on strategic partnership, is implementing a program of energy efficiency units of JSC "Russian Railways". This program includes the development and construction of facilities for independent power supply units of JSC "Russian Railways".
To enhance the prestige and the future development of "Saturn — Gas Turbines" to exit and strengthen its position in the global market, the company is expanding ties with international partners. With the company Solar Turbines, United States, signed a memorandum on joint production of gas turbine power plants and gas compressor systems in the power range
14-20 MW. This product will be in demand by the market, since it embodies the leader of world gas turbine. Cooperation for the production of power plants with capacity of 50 MW with a company organized by Rolls-Royce, UK. This is a brand new machine with high technical and economic parameters, optimum environmental performance, can operate at peak loads. In an effort to create a vertically-integrated structure of "Saturn — Gas Turbines" develops partnership with STF, Italy, to organize the production of boiler equipment. In the first stage will be hosted by the production of heat-recovery capacity of 25-60 MW combined-cycle and cogeneration power plants. It will be hosted by NESS production of high power solid-fuel boilers, working at supercritical temperatures for coal-fired thermal power station steam cycle.
In 2010 JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" participated in a number of significant actions of the federal and international level.
One of the important events during the visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's "Saturn" was to present the governor Sergei Vakhrukov energy cluster on the basis of "Saturn — Gas Turbine", which includes a 4-way power-plant: gas turbines and gas-fired power plants, pumping stations and production of boiler equipment. During the discussion, the Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin stressed the utmost importance for the development of energy cluster of regional power, and also assured that the relevant federal agencies will provide support of "Saturn — Gas Turbines" in the implementation of the plans.
In April of "Saturn — Gas Turbines" took part in the International Oil and Gas Congress in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Meetings were held with the Minister of Turkmenistan's gas and specialists of state concern "Turkmengaz". The meetings of experts' Saturn — Gas turbine "with representatives of SC" Turkmengaz "was agreed to hold a series of activities aimed at developing cooperation in the supply of gas turbine equipment for the energy sector of Turkmenistan, in particular, on the refurbishment and reconstruction of gas compressor units of average power.
May 28 in Uglich, chaired by Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko held the 37th meeting of the Energy Council of the CIS countries.
During the meetings, Sergei Shmatko noted the importance of the work carried out by the Government of the Yaroslavl region and JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines", the modernization of regional power and promised to support the implementation of much-needed projects.
June 22 as part of the Moscow tion of the international exhibition "Oil and Gas-2010" held a press conference of the heads of companies "Saturn — Gas Turbines," MC "UEC" Russia and the STF, Italy, where it was announced the opening of two new lines of activity of JSC " Saturn — Gas Turbines "- the production of gas-piston power plants with capacity of 0.5 — 2.0 MW based on the world's leading manufacturers of drives and the opening of a joint in the boiler with the Italian company STF.
In the period from 8 to 10 June 2010 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" participated in the international energy exhibition Power-Gen Europe-2010. This is a major European conference and exhibition of energy topics, known not only for its size but also for its participants. The exhibition showed interest in the equipment presented of "Saturn — Gas Turbines." Great interest aroused by the technical parameters of power units, in particular, for carrying out the comparative characteristics of the products of European and American companies. Many members have focused on the fact that JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines" is the EPC-contractor in the implementation of projects.
It is important to note that during this period there was a steady growth of wages in the enterprise. Thanks to competent management policy of "Saturn — Gas Turbines" managed to maintain the personnel potential of the company, with support from JSC "UIC" defense prom "- to raise funds leading Russian banks, to expand its customer base by entering into a series of lucrative contracts, to increase the volume of production and sales in the background of declining industry-wide indicators. Significantly improved the efficiency of enterprise ment, increased productivity.
The company "Saturn — Gas Turbines" constantly improve their competitiveness through quality improvement of products, corporate services and efficient use of resources.

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