Scientist: Dangerous viruses need to sell expensive drugs



According to the scientist from Irkutsk, the emergence of information about fatal for humanity viruses and new diseases, is nothing more than a well-oiled business. As the experience of past years, announce the start of an epidemic or the appearance of new diseases can be fatal very quickly. Even if the nature of this disease does not exist.

The media can trumpet any information around the globe in a matter of minutes. But in fact, I'm sure associate professor of Irkutsk, most of the diseases with which the whole world is fighting hard, through the use of expensive and ineffective drugs simply do not exist.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the nineties Agueyev Vladimir deals with the problem of AIDS. The scientist claims that during the whole period of studies he had accumulated enough evidence that such a disease in nature is not there. This is Agueyev said the medical community around the world, and then he was nicknamed HIV dissident.

But the point of view of a scientist from Irkutsk fully shared by more than six thousand doctors. Their view extends to reports of the appearance in 2003 of SARS. Then it was reported that the virus emerged in Southeast Asia and its symptoms are very typical for the flu or SARS.

But all deaths in the case of a new virus disease, are found in the elderly. Agueyev argues that the infection is not dangerous flu and for those people who are just starting to cure and prevent the occurrence of complications, death is not.

But all the media reports about new viruses or fatal diseases directly caused panic among the people. There were even attempts to give form of pneumonia pandemic to sell more expensive drugs. But, as the Agueyev, the world has not carried out a scientific conference on atepichnoy pneumonia, which means that the scientists did not attach much importance disease.

Scientist from Irkutsk believes that all deadly diseases, which recently confirmed to mankind, is nothing like virus mutants normal respiratory diseases. Treatment will always be the traditional and most importantly just start it at the time, and not to panic.

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