Scientists advise more often to listen to the internal clock

A group of German biologists from the Munich Institute of Medical Psychology has come to the conclusion that if one ignores its own "internal clock" that is, the natural biorhythms that determine sleep and insomnia, regulate body temperature and hormone production, it is very injurious to health.

The head of the Munich research group Dr. Thiel Reneberg believes it's all about the conflict between the natural biorhythms and the so-called modern social time, which is due to the requirements of the relevant public.

"If people have the opportunity to sleep according to their internal rhythm, they would be less tired, work better and less sick," convinced the German psychologist.

It all started with a steam locomotive

According to Dr. Reneberga, the beginning of the mass of ignoring the natural human biorhythms accounted for in 1884, when in connection with the opening of the railway, the world was divided into 24 time zones. Sundial then considered more inappropriate.

Meanwhile through it at the grassroots level has increased the number of various chronic diseases. Unfortunately, this problem is still not given due attention from any side, according to German psychologists.

"If a person is not feeling well, it is unlikely he himself, his relatives or colleagues think that the reason may be the failure of his" internal clock. "And he, among other things, affect the overall condition of a lot stronger than it might seem at first glance. C biorhythms are linked to virtually all physiological processes in the body — food, the rise and decline of mental and physical activity, "said Dr. Reneberg.


Larks and owls

German biologist Til Reneberg draws attention to the existence of different types of natural rhythms of human as well as the division of people into "owls" and "larks."

First, relatively speaking, are used to going to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning and goy vznimatstsa a 10-tai, others — to wake up and 6-tie and go to sleep and in the morning the 10th in the evening.

But unfortunately, life is such that we have to adapt to the circumstances. People have to wake up when your body still requires

If people had the opportunity to sleep according to their internal rhythm, they would work better and less painful.

recreation, there is, whenever they do not want, and artificially stimulate the vital functions with coffee and a variety of drugs. And this is a huge stress for the body. Not surprisingly, many are beginning to worry migraines, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, nervous breakdowns, increased levels of blood sugar, develop diabetes, obesity.

According to the German hronabielyaga, a particular danger to the health conceals a regular transition from winter to summer and back, as well as shift work, which, according to his calculations, in the industrialized countries are engaged in about 20% of the workers.

Meanwhile research, which jointly conducted by scientists from the UK, France, Canada and Denmark show that ignoring the internal rhythms leads to a variety of genetic disorders, including, failure gene responsible for the production of the hormone melyataninu. As a result of violations of cyclical fluctuations in the intensity of various biological processes associated with the change of day and night, handed down to future generations. This entails inherent endocrine and autoimmune disorders

What to do?

Of course, not every person in this regard can not afford to give up work or to radically change your lifestyle. However, the researchers note, it can, if not entirely zastseragchysya from diseases caused by jet lag, or at least reduce the risk of their development.

How so?

First of all, carefully observe his body. It is best to do this on the weekend, when not to go to work. A person simply need to record the time when he was alone with no alarm clock wakes up when it starts drowsy when he wants to eat when there is a burst of energy.

All these factors should be carefully recorded, and then use them to create your personal biorhythm chart.

If it does not coincide with the normal mode of the day, it is necessary to try to at least partly change.

So, do not necessarily have breakfast at home, if there is no appetite in the morning. You can take food with you to work or if work allows, go for breakfast at a time when there is a real hunger.

In some cases, consider radical measures such as a job change or a move to an individual schedule that in the age of computers is not a particular problem.

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