Scientists have confirmed the presence of Sky City

May 25, 2012 6:08

Astronomers have long stepped away in their studies near and distant stars and galaxies. Hundreds of professionals and millions of fans every night sent to the starry sky their various telescopes. The main telescope is a planet — orbital space agency NASA telescope "Hubble" opens for astronomers unprecedented horizons far space. But, with the great discoveries, "Hubble" and at least presents the greatest mysteries.

In early 1995, a German astronomy magazine published a short message that immediately responded to a number of scientific, religious and popular publications of the planet. Each of the publishers of the reader's attention to a completely different points of the message, but it was limited to a single essence, this is what the universe discovered Abode of God twenty-sixth of December 1994, NASA took up most of the hype. After decoding a series of images from the telescope "Hubble", the films clearly showed a great white city, floating in space (City floating in space). Representatives of the agencies do not have time to quickly disable free access to the web server and the secret telescope photo shots for some time became available to users on the web.

What astronomers discovered these fantastic photographs. In the beginning it was just a little hazy speck. But when a professor at the University of Florida, Ken Wilson decided to examine the photograph and he added to the optics of "Hubble" hand magnifying glass, he discovered that the spot has a strange structure, can not be explained either by diffraction in the lens kit telescope, or even noise in the communication channel in the transmission frame to Earth. After a small operational meeting the decision was made to reshoot Wilson said the sky was the maximum for the telescope "Hubble" resolution.

Multimeter giant telescope lens focused on the most distant corner of the universe, which is only available survey telescope. A few clicks of the shutter, and the "spot" him before the stunned scientists on a large screen projection installation in the laboratory management "Hubble" radiant nondescript structure similar to a fantastic city, hybrid Swift "flying island" Laputa and sci-fi city of the future.

The design, which has spread in space for many billions of miles, glowing with an unearthly light. Floating City was unanimously recognized as the Abode of the Creator, a place where only and may be the throne of God. NASA representative explained that the city is not as it can not be populated in the usual and ordinary sense of the word, most likely live in it when the souls of the dead that people.

But, has the right to exist and a different, no less phantasmagoric version of the origin of the space city floating in space, the thing is that in the search of extraterrestrial intelligence, the existence of which is a few decades is not called into question, most scientists are faced with a paradox. If suddenly assume that the universe is populated by a great many civilizations, standing on a variety of stages of development, one of them must be some super-civilization, not simply released into space, and actively inhabited the giant space of the universe. And the activity of these super-civilization, to change the natural environment — just to be visible at a distance of millions of light years. But nothing like until recently astronomers observed or not. And so — a clear man-made objects of cosmic proportions.

Size of the city is truly amazing. None of the known object in the sky, can not compete with the giant. Our planet is in this City would be simply a grain of sand on a dusty road space prospectus.

Where is the — and whether it moves at all — this giant. Computer analysis of images obtained from the telescope "Hubble", showed that the movement of super cities in general coincides with the movement of the surrounding galaxies. Thus, relative to the earth, everything happens in the Big Bang theory. However, with 3-ehmernom modeling this remote part of the universe transpired startling fact, it is not part of the universe away from us, and we — from her.
Why is the starting point moved to this city floating in space. Because it is this vague spot in the pictures and it turned into a computer model of the "center of the universe." Three-dimensional moving images reliably demonstrates that the galaxy is run up, but it was from the tochi, which is this amazing floating city. In other words, all the galaxies out once it is from this point in space, and it revolves around this city Universe.

Heavenly city

Science and religion for a long time and decided to make it up as far as possible and the forces and help each other to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the world around us. And if science suddenly faced with some intractable phenomenon, religion almost always gives what is happening quite real explanation, gradually taking on weapons and academia. In the specific case, the opposite happened, science, through its technical means confirmed, or at least brought a very strong evidence of loyalty foundations of religion — the existence of one Creator who dwells in the shining city, somewhere in the heavens.

But as would be expected, nor was such a message, the consequences are unpredictable. General euphoria fanatical religion, ruin the materialist foundation of science — all of which can lead to terrible and irreversible consequences, so the pictures were quickly classified and access to images City of God was a narrow, vested with special powers number of people who really, govern the life of individual countries and the planet as a whole.

But secrecy — not the best means of achieving goals, as against any of the castle there and lockpick. I invite readers to one of a series of images transmitted from the telescope "Hubble", with a picture of this mysterious city, wandering in the vast depths of the vast cosmos.

Now we can expect an official response of state agencies and universities in the church in the news about the discovery by astronomers of what for centuries people could only guess. Secret American intelligence agencies were locked in their safes information of great importance to the entire universe. But how can you hide such a grand opening? Why the U.S. assumed the right to decide.

Well, we'll just have to wait for the time when they open the American steel safes, as yet hidden within them are the Abode of God is hidden from humans is even more secure than in the depths of the universe.

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