Scientists have warned of the imminent meeting of humans with aliens

July 18, 2012 7:36

British astrophysicist Dzhozelin Bell Burnell at a conference Euroscience Open Forum in Dublin, made a strong statement.
Mankind can face with aliens in the next 100 years, according to some members of the European Science Open Forum (Euroscience Open Forum), which is being held in Dublin, writes The Daily Mail.
In particular a strong statement made British astrophysicist Dzhozelin Bell Burnell.
"I suspect that we can detect signs of the existence of life, and perhaps even intelligent life on other planets in the next century. But are we ready for such a meeting? Have you ever wondered about what to do with them? Maybe we should send them to the zoo or to eat? "- Said Barnell. According to her, for this turn of events is prepared by the government of the earth, not just the Hollywood filmmakers.

 "If we believe that beyond Earth is life, how we will state the aliens of their existence? Who they would prefer to talk about? With journalists, the prime minister or the Pope? We must address this issue now, "- said the scientist.
According to the British astrophysicist, life is likely to be found on the rock planet with an atmosphere, including ozone, carbon dioxide, write However, the opening is a sign of life would not mean an immediate contact. "Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, so we'll have some time to spare — 50 or 100 years," — said Burnell.
However, some of her colleagues from the optimistic possibility of a meeting with the aliens do not. In their view, extraterrestrial race that can reach the Earth is likely to colonize the planet, as well as when the Europeans invaded America after its discovery by Columbus, said
Thus, the famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said that we should not give the aliens before time our existence, because representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, reaching the Earth can do here banal plunder of natural resources.

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