Scorpions sting death

For quick response and resolution of personnel Dagestani OMON unit under the command of Shamil Magomayev in the Interior Ministry called the "Scorpion". The detachment formed in July 1998 after attempts to force the brothers Khachilayevs supporters seize power. Recruitment was carried out by the extremely stringent requirements: take only its own — people who repeatedly proven for years of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special Forces Penitentiary. Subsequent events proved the correctness of this decision. 

The name "Scorpion" unit was for the ability to lightning-fast reactions and for the dire consequences for the object of their attack at the initial low number of soldiers (about 200 people). Scorpio is also called a special whip, are believed to be woven into his spikes, which were punished particularly dangerous criminals. The official name of the group — the SWAT-2 Interior of the Republic of Dagestan.

With the start of the second phase of the operation to eliminate the bandits and after the transfer of hostilities in Chechnya squad relocated to the border Khasavyurt, where he engaged in the maintenance of public order in the city, conducting raids, ambushes activities and special operations to apprehend the criminals involved in the attack on the republic. The result of his work was the destruction of 67 members of the defeated "hattabovskoy army", the removal of 216 firearms, a huge quantity of ammunition and drugs.

After that came the Dagestani OMON specific weekdays, smoothly flowing from one to the other special operations.

Today, the commander of the Dagestani OMON police Lieutenant Colonel Shamil Hizrievich Magomaev difficult to name even about the number of operations carried out by unit. The bill for a long time in the hundreds. Wide response was involved in the operation of the order for the destruction of the famous gang leaders Ruslan Gelaev. When, in early December 2003, he tried to break into Georgia, the first in his way stood the border guards and policemen. Search gang in difficult geographical and climatic conditions was conducted throughout January 2004, and, admittedly, not quite efficiently: the leader of the gang, well explore the area, along with his bodyguards managed to break away from the persecution survive.

February 28, 2004 three groups of soldiers squad concentrated near the village of Lower Hvarshni, where, according to intelligence data, hiding his men Gelaev. Suddenly, the soldiers on the 2nd operational company of the well-arranged ambush opened fire. People were in an extremely disadvantageous position — on a narrow icy trail breaks off into the abyss. To fight in such conditions is impossible. On this and hoped the bandits. The first was wounded platoon leader walking in front of a police captain Ibrahim Mousa. Losing his balance, shell-shocked exploded near him with a grenade officer was sliding into the abyss. He rushed to the aid of a friend — Lieutenant Idris Magomedov. Under the incessant fire, he tried to keep a wounded comrade covered him with his body. Steep icy slope is not allowed to implement his plan: the two officers crashed into the abyss. Managed to save only a lieutenant. This was the last day for the remnants of the gang Gelaev. He himself did not go far and was killed in a shootout with border guards, also natives of Dagestan.
Hunters and game

In carrying out regular operations in January 2006 near the village of the district head Gimry Untsukulsky patrol unit was ambushed. On the troublesome terrain mountainous and forested terrain fierce firefight ensued. At the cost of his life Lieutenant Tawfiq Novruzbekov and police lieutenant Mirza Akhmedov saved the lives of his comrades. Thus they not only provided the waste watch, but also killed one and wounded two bandits. After a year working in the same area, riot police to get even with the murderers of his comrades in full. Then succeeded without loss to themselves and to eliminate the three kidnapped two bandits, one of whom was the leader of Buynaksk terrorist group.

One of the operations involving the "Scorpion" was held in October 2007 in the "famous" in the village of Gubden Karabudakhkent district. Roth riot police under the command of an experienced commander — a police major Magomed Magomedov, located on the slopes of the mountain dominating the terrain Shovhal. Their task was blocking on the designated area surrounded by a gang. As it turned out, to help move encircled another squad of bandits who, without knowing it, and went straight to the positions of riot police. Unexpected happened to both short skirmish. Our because they were slightly higher, there was a slight advantage.

The company commander, who in 1999 lost a brother in the fighting, did not shy away from the collision. Realizing that the bandits try to leave, he went to the rapprochement with them. "Wild Boys", until recently considered themselves hunters, in an instant were game. Hasty retreat, conducting indiscriminate firing, they set fire to the dry forest, hoping to escape the smoke. Magomedov, not stopping harassment, attempted to circumvent the waste in a mess "Vakhov" overlapping pathways known to him. The bandits managed to break away from persecution. To their departure had traces of blood, pieces of blood-stained bandages, abandoned backpacks with food, medical supplies, which they were encircled. The militants apparently were not expecting pursuit of "their" territory. In that fight, two guys lightly wounded, the commander of the not hooked a miracle — after the fight he found in a shabby camouflage two bullet holes.
"Playing in the SAI"

Remembers the detachment commander Shamil Magomaeva and another transaction involving Gubden. Not far from this ill-fated village 21 October 2008 the bandits managed to organize an ambush, which hit the convoy of Dagestani policemen. After the attack on one of the police posts on the federal highway Rostov — Baku thugs in a stolen car fled earlier in the forest belt. Hot on the heels of persecution organized group, consisting of local police officers and crews of two soldiers of the detachment. As it became clear later, "rebels" were preparing a trap. When the column of police UAZ was involved in the forest, according to all the canons of guerrilla attack, crippling the first and last car and cruelly shot with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades crew rest. Then killed a police lieutenant Zubair Akhmedov and ensign of militia Azizahmed Esker. The search for the killers in hot pursuit forces reinforcements arrived to no avail, but after a few days of the attackers caught up with retribution. Two of them were arrested, four killed when resisting.

Beat the sly, unexpected shocks applied to his back, ambush — the methods numerically small, weak, but organized and insidious enemy. In order to find the antidote, to work out their tactics, you need time, which, as a rule, are sorely lacking. And yet, on account of the guys from the second riot masterfully conducted many operations not yet evaluated the true experts. These include the "play of the traffic police," that is the task of covering the traffic police.

In 2010 the band showed up in Makhachkala of four, which specialized in attacks on police posts. People were killed, along with stress and fear and mistrust grew to law enforcement authorities. In just one day died once seven inspectors. The task of neutralizing the killers Interior Minister personally delivered to the commander of riot police. Calculate leave no witnesses daring criminals was not easy. On the same day, severa
l crews of civilian cars with the "scorpions" went to the city to conduct secret surveillance of vehicles passing near the posts. Special attention was paid to the white "Lada" 6th model. And good luck. A quick diversion, a few well-aimed shots, and the result — a gang of thugs had ceased to exist.
Awards for "scorpions"

Wishing to get the service in the legendary unit is more than enough. The commander can even select candidates sergeant positions with higher education, but the priority is not given to the holders of university "floats" and red diplomas and hardy people, physically fit, mentally stable. Values his team and his native ministry. Recently, for they built a beautiful town, which has everything you need for life and rest: from a comfortable gym and excellent dining to cozy Kubrick and his helipad.

A unit that is actually involved in an undeclared war, it has earned.

Alas, the fight without losses have not learned nothing. And this division continues to carry them. Today in the lists of the dead who gave their lives for their country, the people and the faith of their ancestors, appear 22. Last man squad lost in the summer of 2012 during a special operation in the village of Kvanada Tsumadinskogo district.

Riot policemen practiced the task of checking the abandoned houses on the outskirts of the village. Police sergeant David Kusaev first stepped into the house and met eight bullets fired at him to hide in the house leader Tsumandinskiy subversive and terrorist groups Nazhmudin Nazhmudinova (killed in a battle). The last thing that David had done, — a cry warned others of the danger. Seven bullets passed vest David, eighth, rebounded, got into his head …

Before transfer to a riot David served, and well, in one of the divisions of the Republican FSO. Handsome, tall, tall, he enjoyed success with women and respect of his colleagues. But this guy wanted to men's work. For a long time it was a question with a translation, and when the order came, David was happy. The operation was the third in Kvanade for him. The commander presented the sergeant to the state award. But the certainty that the presentation will take place, he does not. Do not spoil the last time the state "scorpions" awards.

At the detachment commander Shamil Magomayev two and two Order of Courage medal "For Courage". Unfortunately, did not have time to ask what exactly he got them.

I bring you as much of a reader comments from the site where I got the article. Poznovatelnaya story.

Valery, 17:47, 13 June 2013
The novel, however, the Highlanders proved their courage and ability to successfully fight in the service of the Great Russia long ago. Several little-known (although all have been there in Wikipedia!) Facts about the so-called "Wild Division". So, Caucasian Native Cavalry Division — Cavalry Division, one of the parts of the Russian Imperial Army, formed 23 August 1914 at 90% of the volunteers was Muslim — natives of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia, which, like all the native inhabitants of the Caucasus and Central Asia, under the legislation of the Russian Empire were not subject to conscription. By the time of the division during World War 1 in the Russian army were also Caucasian Cavalry Division, five Caucasian Cossack divisions, Caucasian Grenadier Division, and five infantry divisions of the Caucasus. In this regard, a new division called the Caucasian Native Cavalry Division. Division Commander of the highest order of 23 August 1914 was appointed as the younger brother of the king, His Majesty suites Major General Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich. By order dated August 21, 1917 Supreme Commander General LG Kornilov Caucasian Native Cavalry Division was reorganized in the Caucasian Native Cavalry Corps. To this end, the composition of the division were transferred to Dagestan and two Ossetian cavalry regiments. After the formation of the body was to be sent to the Caucasus in the disposal of the commander of the Caucasian army. However, September 2, 1917, in connection with the "Kornilov affair," the order of the commander of the Provisional Government of the native Caucasian Cavalry Corps, Lieutenant-General Prince Bagration and the commander of the 1st Caucasian Native Cavalry Division, Major-General Prince Gagarin (is not it, the glorious Russian names ?) were relieved of their posts. Especially severe bloody battles were in December 1914 and at Sana'a in January 1915 in Lomna-Lutoviska, where the division reflects the enemy's advance on Przemysl. In February 1915 the division conducted a series of successful offensive operations on the river Lomnica, fighting in villages Brin and Tsu-Babin, the occupation of the town and Stanislaw Tlumach. In July, August and fall of 1915 the division participated in a number of fights at Shuparki, Novoselka-Kostyukova, in Dobropole gaivoron and that according to the testimony of her commanding lead. Prince Michael, "were crowned with brilliant horse chores, what are some of the best pages of our cavalry." In May and June 1916, the division took part in the Brusilov breakthrough. During his military activities Caucasian Native Cavalry Division suffered heavy losses. For three years in with the division took a total of over seven thousand horsemen. Shelves division several times replenished arrives from their place of formation of spare hundreds. For one only 1916 division held 16 horse attacks. A distinctive feature of the interior life of the Caucasian Native Cavalry Division had a special moral and psychological atmosphere prevailing in it, which is largely determined by the ratio between its officers and horsemen. Thus, an important feature of the rider, mountaineer had a sense of self-worth, and the complete lack of servility and flattery. Above all do not valued rank and title, and personal courage and loyalty. Places of honor in the regimental officers' meetings are often held dear people of advanced age number noncommissioned officers and even ordinary riders. A characteristic feature of relations among officers division was a mutual respect for people of different faiths to the beliefs and customs of each other. In Kabard shelf, in particular, the adjutant counted how many of the officers' table is how many Muslims and Christians. If dominated by Muslims, all were present, according to Muslim tradition, in hats, but if more were Christians — all the hats removed. About 3,500 riders were awarded the Cross of St. George and St. George Medal "For Courage". All officers of the division were awarded to military orders. At the awards that were given to nationals of non-Christian religion, Christian saints (St. George, St. Vladimir, St. Anne's, etc.) have been replaced with the national emblem of the Russian empire — the double-headed eagle. However, the Highlanders was soon asked to return them to award George (dzhigita!), and the government has gone to meet them. St. George returned to the awards. For the Russian national-patriots! The structure of the division, except for the parts that consist of Kabardinians, Balkar, residents of Dagestan, Tatars (Azerbaijanis), Chechens, Ingush, Circassians, Abkhaz, Karachai, Ossetians, and was given the 8th Don Cossack Artillery Battalion.
Here are a few examples of the Wildlife Division (dug into those) … Brusilov Offensive in the summer of 1916. The battle for the village Ezerzhany, which particularly distinguished Ingush Cavalry Regiment. The village was defended stubbornly units of German troops. The regular units — infantry regiment Zaamurskogo — twice tried to dislodge the Germans from Ezerzhan, but both times, suffering heavy losses, back off. Seeing the gravity of the situation, the brigade commander, Major-General Gagarin attack on the village threw four hundred Ingush. The German soldiers were stunned by the sudden onset of Russian cavalry, howev
er, resisted violently. After going through the hail of weapons, machine gun and artillery fire, the Ingush with all the fluff cut into the front edge of the Germans. Inspired by the example of the cavalry in the attack, shouting "Hurrah!" Rushed and Marines. After breaking through the front ranks of the enemy, Russian troops entered the fray in the village. Germans had to knock out almost every house, the yard and the intersection. In the course went so beloved Caucasian riders daggers. In the end, the enemy was forced to begin a retreat from the village. This is how the future of its order to the Division General Dmitry Petrovich Bagration "… As soon entered the village of advanced circuit zaamurtsev, Ingush rushed to chase the Germans retreated from the village to the north. It was spotted in the distance, taken on limbers, battery guns, which came down and Ingush. Resist the battery cover was part of a severed and perekoloto. Five heavy 6-inch, perfectly serviceable guns set squares with the telescope and the 20-Tew caissons were taken Ingush also captured 109 people. Harassment broken Germans ceased with the onset of complete darkness. Died a heroic death in a dashing attack squadron commander Lieutenant-Sultan Bazorkin Crimea and 19 horsemen, died of his wounds 18 more Ingush. Eternal memory jigits brave. " Selfless actions in the Ingush village of Ezerzhany widely known in the Russian press. Moreover, the attack is sometimes referred to as one of the most striking cases Russian cavalry in the First World War.
Roman, that's from the book of Nicholas Breshko-Breshkovsky, Russian war correspondent, the son of "the grandmother of the Russian Revolution," "Wild Division": "The revolution began, like all revolutions — under the sign of denial of the right under the sign of violence. Dropouts Thousands of students, pharmacists, unemployed lawyers, people who have studied anything ever, wearing a soldier's uniform, wearing a red bows, rushed to the front to convince the soldiers that the generals and officers — their enemies that the generals and officers do not have to obey and salute, because it is an affront to human dignity. These frantic touring Soldiers were on hand and believe it is much more than those who are about three years led them into battle, and with them sitting in the trenches under enemy fire. Dark disparate forces that made the revolution, chose the right moment. Another two or three months, and stay Russian army counter, disciplined, Russia would have won, would have won even without the attacks. Staying 6ylo easy, in the end the same powerful artillery, which was at the opponent. Entire mountains of shells piled up in the open air on the whole of the immense front. These deadly metal stocks with the excess would be enough by shrapnel fell on his emaciated, exhausted German army. But now that the Russian divisions and corps turned into wild hordes of protesters, and dangerous if someone is only their own self-officers — the Germans could now breathe free. now for them to eastern front was crossed, there was one just west. phalanges Mackensen success with their artillery were baking paled before this unprecedented bloodless victory. revolutionary power demagogic, obsessively hammered into the heads of people in gray uniforms, "the soldier — all rights and no responsibilities! "And the army — could not be otherwise — decomposed. especially successful expansion proceeded in the infantry. Cavalry, more disciplined and less power than the infantry, losses, which had among its cadre of soldiers and officers, do not give in criminal defeatist propaganda. Yet the parts in which there was not felt violent and insane, which replaced the anarchy of the empire, there were Muslim parts: Wildlife Division, Teke Horse Regiment and the Crimean Tatar. Savage Division revolution found in Romania. tried in vain to regimental and company commanders to explain to their "natives" what happened and how he turned the tide. "natives" Many do not understand and, above all, do not understand how it can be "without a king." words "interim government" did not say anything this daring riders from the Caucasus and absolutely no images of them did not wake up in the eastern imagination. They decided as follows: King should not abdicate, but if he denied — it is his Sovereign will. they, "natives" will be considered as if nothing has changed. Revolution does not concern and if the Russian army soldiers behave disgracefully abused and their officers, for them, the "natives" of his superiors is and will remain at the same height as it was until now. army soldiers have — their own conscience, the mountaineers of the Caucasus — their own. And by virtue of that conscience itself, in obedience to the officers and their mullahs, they have no king will fight with the same prowess as a war with the king. "

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