Selmash will begin production complex VOLGAR

Ltd. "Selmash" starts production of multi-seed complex "VOLGAR", intended for bezryadkovogo razbrosnogo sowing of cereals, legumes and small-seeded crops. The package includes seed hopper 9 cubic meters, part of the cultivator 9 m wide with the vas deferens, a set of 18 pieces schelerezov for slotting in autumn soil to a depth of 30 cm

Bezryadkovy razbrosnoy seeding method provides optimal nutrition area for each plant. Thanks to a feeding area, the plants at times increases the number of productive stems, compared with Seed sowing, so we recommend to reduce the seeding rate of 10-15%. This method of sowing, can effectively deal with annual weeds, as the entire area is covered by crop plants.
Drill "VOLGAR" is able to perform a single pass 5 steps:
— Loosening the soil to a depth of seed placement from 4 to 10 cm,
— Sowing,
— Introduction of granular fertilizers in the same way razbrosnym,
— At the same time consolidates the crops,
— Clouding zaravnivaet chains formed irregularities.
Working bodies allow for direct seeding into stubble and treated soil, preventing overturning. Paws create a bed for the seeds at a depth of embedment, thus causing pulling moisture from the lower layers of the soil. Wide-seeder "VOLGAR" aggregated with tractors of 5-6 tons.
The use of large working seeding system "VOGLGAR shortens the crop and reduce direct costs for its products in more than 2 times

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