Severstal-hardware achieved record production figures

At the end of March at the Volgograd plant of "Severstal-hardware" produced 3611 tons of cable productsa record amount for the entire post-perestroika period. Most of them were general purpose ropes — and a traveling crane, as well as unique to the domestic industry specialized cables enclosed structures.

Achieving high performance was a logical result of the introduction of large-scale investment project "North-South", which is implemented by the company in December 2008. Modernization of equipment and optimization of space and infrastructure have substantially improved production capacity, as well as master in 2011, a number of new advanced products (7 new species and 20 sizes). 

It should be noted that, as of 2011 rope line "Severstal-hardware" showed sales growth — about 6% compared with 2010. At this result was influenced by the development of engineering and distribution, integrated technical support to customers. 

"Although the increase in output cable products — is the quantitative measure of it there are qualitative changes in the production process: the introduction of innovative technologies, improved product quality, development of new ropes and services. Our results show that we have chosen the right direction on the path to leadership in the domestic and global / international markets, "- said General Director of" Severstal-hardware "Oleg Veter.

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