Severstal-hardware has mastered the new technology for hot dipped galvanized fasteners


September 15. The group of companies "Severstal-hardware" which is a division of "Severstal Russian Steel", has mastered the new technology of hot-dip galvanized fasteners, which today is unique to the Russian hardware industry.
The main advantage of hot-dip galvanized fasteners — an increased service life. The article with such a coating can resist corrosion for a long time. To achieve improvement of the properties managed by the special technology, which currently does not own more than one of the Russian producers of fasteners.

In addition to the power line, a new product can be used in the construction of critical metal structures, guardrails, and other objects with high demands on the corrosion resistance of the bond and the overall structure.

In June of this year in the mounting-calibration Orlowski production company "Severstal-hardware" was the first lot of fasteners with hot dip galvanized coating for use in the construction of power lines (PTL): set of bolts (GOST 7798) and nuts (GOST 5915), the size range of M16 to M30 in different lengths. At the same experimental batch was sent to the consumer.
Currently, "Severstal-hardware" has received positive feedback from the customer and an order for 100 tons of new products. Now experts "Severstal-hardware" are working on the development of smaller diameter fasteners and reducing the time of execution of orders.
The "Severstal-hardware" already has orders from manufacturers from different regions of Russia.

"We have invested and will invest in the production of new, unique for Russia and our other product markets. Hot-dip galvanized fasteners — one of them, — the general director of JSC "Severstal-hardware" Oleg Veter. — Mounting direction is one of the key for our company, we will continue to develop it as part of the expansion of assortment and services, and in terms of improving consumer product properties, including reliability and durability. "

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