Severstal has introduced new control systems smelting and fine-tuning of converter steel CherMK

Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated plants in the world (part of the Division "Severstal Russian Steel"), is commissioning new process control system, smelting, and refining of converter steel, worth 187 million rubles.

  • BOF shop CherMK
  • BOF shop CherMK

It is currently preparing for commissioning once dvaprogrammno and hardware complex — ACS "melting" in the melt shop and PCS "Debugging" in the shop furnace treatment of converter steel.

"The decision to implement the new automated system was made on the basis of the company's plans for the development of the converter steel production and increasing in connection with the requirements for volume calculation, the controlled parameters of reference processes of smelting and refining the metal," — said the director of the production division, chief engineer Andrey Lutsenko .

ACS "Melting" will provide an opportunity to carry out static and dynamic process for steelmaking units, adjust the flow of materials and energy used in the smelting and metal processing furnace, other tasks that contribute to optimizing production.

ACS 'lapping', in turn, allows you to control the parameters of the metal finishing directly during the process and to obtain current and accurate information about the state of the metal in the metal finishing plants number 1? 3.

In the complex new equipment will increase productivity, while ensuring the quality and composition of the metal in accordance with customer orders.

Supplier control system "Melting" is the NGO "St. Петербургскаяэлектротехническая Company" (NGO "SPEC"), ACS 'Lapping "- the company« Siemens ».

"We are interested in supplying the latest technology, which will help increase the intensity of production. Therefore, plan to introduce a new development in the field of process control and on other areas of steelmaking and other industries. Thus, in the second quarter will be put in ekspluatatsiyuprogrammno-apparatnyykompleks ACS "Melting" in the EAF shop, worth 172 million rubles ", — said Andrey Lutsenko.

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