Severstal has updated one of the major steelmaking facilities


September 13. At the Cherepovets Steel Mill completed overhaul converter number 1 worth about 45 million rubles, the implementation of which is 3 days before the planned schedule will allow the company to produce an additional 18,000 tons of steel.
During the 15-day repair specialists assets of the company — OOO "Severstal-Promservice" and JSC "Domnaremont" — replaced the top of the converter housing, repairs conducted podkonverternoy zone, as well as an audit of electrical, mechanical and power equipment. Overall, it was installed 146 tons of new steel converter housing.

Andrey Lutsenko, Production Director — Chief Engineer Battalion "Severstal Russian Steel", commenting on the scope of the works, said that the implementation of all activities overhaul will increase the reliability of the converter will increase the number 1 and resistance equipment during the turnaround period.

Most of the work — replacing the top of the converter housing (neck) — was completed in the shortest possible time. According to Andrey Lutsenko, it has become possible thanks to the careful preparation for the pre-operative work of repair and maintenance companies. Experts engineering asset "Severstal" — LLC "SSM-Tyazhmash" — rolled sheets produced for the top of the converter housing, and workers LLC "Seversatal-Promservice" made its assembly. The specialists of "Domnaremont" It took less than a day to remove the neck and 46 hours instead of the traditional 60? Tee for the installation.

Under the overhaul was carried out a serious amount of clean-up equipment, in particular, vent and vertical paths, work platforms from process dust and debris that will provide the best flue gases and improve the environment, not only in the workplace in the converter shop, but also in Cherepovets.

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