Severstal will supply the metal for facial details of the new model Kia Rio

JSC "Severstal" has started deliveries of metal for the front of the roof of the new model Kia Rio.
Earlier, a similar agreement was reached in respect of another vehicle — Hyundai Solaris (sedan and hatchback).


"Our experience in quality and timeliness of delivery approved by the Hyundai Motor Company in the fourth quarter of 2011, we plan to begin shipping the new positions, including metal for facial details. In connection with plans to increase production at the plant Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus in 2012, "Severstal" is planning to increase the supply of steel in 2012, three times, "- said the director of marketing and sales division" Severstal Russian Steel "Dmitry Gorshkov.

In total for the first 9 months of 2011, the Hyundai Plant in St. Petersburg "Severstal" has delivered more than 4,500 tons of steel, and has been approved by 47 parts for cars Hyundai Solaris (sedan and hatchback) and Kia Rio sedan.

Supplied to the plant complies with Hyundai car HYUNDAI-KIA GLOBAL MATERIAL GUIDE

Automotive — one of the key sectors of sales of "Severstal", with significant growth potential. Experts predict that by 2017 the auto industry will consume up to 3 million tons of steel. In 2010, the share of rental "Severstal" in the consumption of the Russian automotive industry was 30%, which has made the company a leader in shipments in this segment.

"Severstal" has been successfully cooperating with foreign manufacturers, is localized in Russia, including Renault, Volkswagen, Ford.

"We aim to further develop cooperation with automakers since the company's development strategy involves concentrating on niche products with high added value," — says D.Goroshkov.

Over the past two years the company has invested in improving the quality of the sheet for the automotive industry more than 634 million rubles. Innovation "Severstal", aimed at improving the quality of automotive steel, and innovation confirmed today 88 patented technical solutions and award-winning 10 international dealers.

As a result of customer survey in 2010, consumers in the automotive industry in Russia marked the best quality of hire, maintenance of discipline of supply and work on long contracts. The share of customers in the automotive industry, long covered agreements is 95%.

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