Sevmash building a megayacht

Sevmash is actively developing the civilian sector of shipbuilding. The company was visited by representatives of the customer ship-building company "Baltika". They checked the progress of the work on the second ocean motor yacht


The vessel ready to use the systems and arrangements. The specialists of "ACT" Arctic "completed the electrical work. In total, the order laid about 100 kilometers of cable. Megayacht moved to staffing coverage.

Contractors have started to work from the Netherlands and Germany, they have to ensure the integrity of the object on all tiers of the superstructure. Splash-mounted sliding doors, glazed vessel begins. Contractors from Poland will soon start to finish cabin crew and technical areas.

At the same time, the exterior finish is the case. The next stage — the commissioning of systems and mechanisms. It involves experts Sevmash JSC "ACT" Arctic "and a number of domestic and foreign companies.

Under the contract, scheduled to be completed this summer. Ocean-going vessel will be transferred to the area of the enterprise, then have to go offshore mooring and sea trials of the vessel.

"During the construction of mega yachts Sevmash mastered and performed new work for themselves, for example, self-leveling floors. In this high-quality, — the representative of the customer ship-building company "Baltika" Yuri Kozlov. — I am sure that with such a qualification which is at Sevmash workers, we can solve absolutely any production problems. "

Note that the ship is intended for recreational boating. Unique yacht project combines the shipbuilding and aviation technology / hull is made of steel, superstructure — duralumin /. Russian counterparts yacht in appearance and available power does not currently exist. Factory experts have mastered the aluminum alloys have not been applied at Sevmash, as well as gaining new experience in working with foreign contractors.

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