Sevmorzavod 3 times the increased production up in 2012

Management "Sevastopol Marine Plant" was able to successfully cope with the tasks of loading of the enterprise.

This is "New Region" said vice-president of the Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine Victor Lissitzky, commenting on the growth of production in the "Sevmorzavod" 3 times in the end of 2012.

"Such a build-up of production at the plant in times should be welcomed. Sevmorzavod once popped up with the orders. Kartoshkin was modern and efficient, he provided the load of the plant. The current team has done everything to factory began to develop, "- said the expert.

However, Lissitzky believed that Russia could make greater use of the power company in Sevastopol — in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea Fleet.

"The plant has a beautiful location, unique DOC. He needs to create preferences. Given our neighbors to the south, Russia would have to pay fully attention to the plant. Especially since the plant is not always just repaired the ships and their upgraded. As an engineer I would say that there is no longer such a plant. Much now depends on the governments of Ukraine and Russia, "- says the expert.

In 2012, the Sevastopol Marine Plant 3 times the volume of production increased in ship repair, compared with last year, with a total previously CEO Konstantin Kartoshkin.

He expects that the 2013 budget implementation will be at least 50 million USD. "We have three years in a row is a positive trend. We will keep the trend, "- said Kartoshkin.

In late 2010, the strategic investor of "Sevastopol Marine Plant" was Poroshenko. The total investment for this time amounted to 136 million USD, including the repair of capital assets of about 5 million hryvnia.

As a result, "SMZ" significantly increased the number of contracts, the volume of production in 2011 relative to 2009 increased by five times, has been paid back wages, paid debts to the budget.

Long-term bank debt restructured.

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