Sevzaprybvod and Karelrybvod break records


As part of the goszadaniya the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources hatcheries FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" and "Karelrybvod" in 2013 were carried out issues 7,722 million pieces of mixed-age juvenile and larval lampreys, salmon and whitefish species in the fishery water bodies of the Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast .

"Including released:
— 1,064,000 units. mixed-age young salmon fish species;
— 3,083,000 units. juvenile and larval whitefish species;
— 3,575,000 units. lamprey.
The planned target for the production of young salmon fish hatcheries FGBU "Karelrybvod" currently holds a 175%. Enterprises FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" on the issue of juvenile salmon species — by 160%, the production of whitefish species — by 103%, lampreys — 238% ", — the press-service. 

On the night of Wednesday and Thursday, August 21 and 22, Volkhovsky hatchery FGBU "Sevzaprybvod" made final in this year's event scheduled for production Volkhov whitefish fry.

As reported by "BaltInfo" the press service of the North West Regional Control Rosrybolovstva data releases are made to preserve and restore the population of a Red Volkhov whitefish, listed in the list of rare and endangered species.

"Issues are carried out in fulfillment of state tasks on artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources hatcheries. For two nights in a river Volkhov released more than 40,000 fingerling whitefish, "- said in a statement.

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