SGM built a gas lateral to Dzhubginskuyu TPP

Ltd. "SGM" has completed the construction of a gas lateral to Dzhubginskuyu TPP, which is on the list of Olympic infrastructure.

The length of the branch pipeline — 682 m, the inlet pressure — 9.8 MPa, the output — 7.4 MPa. The structure also includes a combined construction site gas reduction unit (URG) and the gas metering station (GIS). Customer — JSC "Gazprom Invest Yug."

Dzhubginskaya 180 MW thermal power plant is built as a backup for the duration of the Olympic Games in 2014. This is the first station in the world with a turbine-type LMS 100PB company General Electric.

Operation of two units will increase the amount of electricity to stabilize the operation of the energy in the variables during the week, loads and establish a reserve power for facilities that ensure the Olympic Games and other major sporting events in the Black Sea resort area of Krasnodar region.


Dzhubginskaya TPP

Location: Krasnodar, Tuapse district, Defanovka

The installed electric capacity of 180 MW

Main fuel: natural gas

The planned start-up date: 31 October 2013

Director — Vladimir Kostenko Construction Dzhubginskaya TPP provided by the Government of the Russian Federation of 29.12.2007. Number 991 on the "Program for Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of Sochi as a mountain resort." The decision to start the construction of thermal power plants Dzhubginskaya taken by the Government of the Russian Federation № 613 from 27.07.2009, the

As part of the station will use two types of gas turbines LMS capacity of about 90 100 MW each. To date, gas turbine power plants are the cleanest sources for electricity. According to the assessment of environmental impact within the zone of influence Dzhubginskaya TPP concentration of pollutants in the air without an accounting background will not exceed 0.08 MAC, indicating that a low degree of impact of the facility on the environment.

It is planned that Dzhubginskaya TPP will generate about 1,568,000 MWh per year.

Krasnodar region, one of the largest regions of the Russian Federation, is a member of the Southern Federal District. The boundary consists of 38 administrative districts, it is the capital city of Krasnodar. Total population — more than 5 million people., About 53% of the urban population. Due to its geographical features and climate of the region is the main resort area of Russia. Punjab — the most important agricultural region of Russia, as the region developed machine-building and metal-working, chemical, food and light industry. Although a significant portion of heat and electricity in the structure of the industry (about 13%), the region is energy, but the resource potential of the development of the industry provides great opportunities.

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