SGM has built the main gas pipeline BTK Kirinskoye GCF — GCS Sakhalin

SGM Group completed the construction works and conducted tests on the main gas pipeline "BTK Kirinskoye GCF — GCS" Sakhalin "(length — 138 km).

Currently being prepared for testing at the back line of the pipeline (7 km), performed installation of geotechnical monitoring, communication systems.

Pipeline "BTK Kirinskoye GCF — GCS" Sakhalin "will provide gas to the gas transportation system of" Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok "with the fields on the shelf of the Okhotsk Sea. Pipe diameter — 1020 mm, pressure — 9.8 MPa.

When selecting construction methods take into account the fact that the pipeline is laid in a region of high seismic activity. In particular, the pipeline route has gone through three areas of active tectonic faults, each of which has its own name, "Nabil river", "river Tym" plot "Hollow".

Construction is carried out by order of the company "Gazprom invest Vostok". It is planned that the pipeline will be put into operation in June 2013.

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