Shadow of Jerusalem in Minsk

Today at the National History Museum officially opened the exhibition of the famous Israeli photographer Leonid Padrul "Shadow of Jerusalem", organized by the Israeli Embassy in Belarus. Born in the Ukraine, in 1994, he lives and works in Israel. Leonid Padrul carried away there very interesting and challenging for the graphic arts object — the area of the Dead Sea.

Ambassador of Israel to Belarus Eddie Shapira admitted that when he first saw the exhibition of Mr. Padrul in Tel Aviv, decided to find a way to show it, and Belarusians:

"In the field of photography Israeli experts have reached heights. Because a picture really describes and perpetuates the very important moments of our complicated, very dynamic and parts of reality. "

All photos are made without computer processing. They reflect the biblical story, with all its contradictions, passion, finding the ancestral values.

The Minister of Culture of Belarus Paul Latushko and was very impressed:

"This is a good opportunity to get to know us through the art of photography with Israel. With Israel and Jerusalem, which represents the three major religions, the ability to see the scenery from the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, a lot of very interesting objects belonging to Israel, but to belong to the world and cultural heritage. "

Leonid Padrul

The purpose of the exhibition is, as the photographer himself Leonid Padrul,- With landscapes appeal to the inner world of a person interested in its history, the events that took place in biblical times, the land of Israel:

"I am as an artist took the unusual landscape of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea and, of course, Jerusalem. I'm glad I got the chance to present you pictures of the land of my ancestors. "

Jerusalem in the Bible is associated with light. The Dead Sea, which in ancient times was called Sodom, Lot's of asphalt and the sea, located in a deep depression, it is the lowest place on earth. It is called the "shadow of Jerusalem." Shoot it extremely difficult because of sharp contrasts, the effects of changing complex of bright colors and soft pastel hues, is recognized photographer.

Eduard Shapira Latushko with Paul (center).

The opening was attended by Belarusian artistic elite — the director of museums, intellectuals, representatives of the diplomatic corps. Here are a few opinions of visitors:

— Experience is just stunning. Very beautiful scenery. Country, to get to which should strive every Christian. Admires the highest level of craftsmanship, design, format works. In Belarus, in my opinion, I have not seen the work of so many eloquent format. Belarus, Minsk, very lucky.

— This is the work of a man who felt the soul of taste, the smell of the land. Indeed, the land of extraordinary, something magical is there. And he managed to convey this through photography. Here everything: the light, the sun and the clouds, and the shadow of Jerusalem. He feels Jerusalem is not just a city for him Jerusalem — it's all the land of Israel. Such persons, such people's eyes … I have been many times in Israel, but I have never seen such an Israel, a Jerusalem.

Leonid Padrul Paul Latushko hold the exhibition.

Exhibition will work until October 31, daily except Mondays.


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